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Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH

Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH
Maggi is a family doctor and leadership coach who engages her audiences in highly interactive presentations. Maggi is a doctor’s doctor with a physician’s mind and a friend’s heart. As an executive coach, she blends a scientist’s thinking with empathy. She is a constant learner and serial focuser with a lifelong passion for sharing what she’s learned. She is an inspirational motivator, occasional humorist, and excellent listener and storyteller. She translates the latest research in leadership development into her coaching process and into entertaining and highly interactive presentations. She is an author, trainer, facilitator, and teacher (Georgetown University School of Medicine). Her authenticity and ability to communicate and connect emotionally with her audience through storytelling—combined with just enough humor—result in rave reviews and standing ovations. She embodies a warm, sincere approach in sharing lessons learned as she guides you in creating your own Leadership Expedition. Email Dr. Cary at drcary@thecarygroupglobal.com to learn more.

Ruth and Me: Medical School Reflections

by Patricia Pang At the core of the Doctoring Curriculum at Georgetown is the importance developing altruism and concern for each patient as a person,...

Life or Death Roulette

Oregon will randomly choose 3,000 lucky, low-income winners from among the more than 90,000 who applied for available vacancies in the Oregon Health Plan lottery—one in thirty.

Sorry, the Doctor is Not Accepting New Patients

Because finding a doctor can be difficult in some areas of the country, many states have laws requiring health plans to have available primary care doctors and to give these names to their members.
Man talking to his doctor (1500 x 791)

Mechanics, Plumbers, and Physicians

Dr. Maggi Cary shares the story of her cousin's diagnosis of a rare type of melanoma and the gaps in the healthcare system.

The Value of Presence in Medicine

When an American doctor is asked to examine her friend's mother in a Chinese hospital, she realized it was her presence and caring that really mattered.

Answering a Cry for Help with a Touch of Humanity

Dr. Margaret Cary helps a distressed stranger and recalls one of the main reasons she went into medicine.