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Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH

Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH
Margaret Cary, MD. MBA, MBA, PCC is a leadership development coach and trainer for healthcare’s leaders. She translates the latest research in leadership development into her coaching process and into entertaining and highly interactive presentations. Her class, “Hacking Happiness,” is one of the most popular at Georgetown University School of Medicine. Clients include the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the American Medical Informatics Association, Mayo Clinic, Harvard-affiliated organizations, Prominence Health Plan and referred individual clients.
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Coaching Physicians: Welcome to the Republic of Medicine

How do you increase physician engagement and reduce burnout? Executive coaching is a burgeoning area in healthcare as we move from cottage industry to evidence-based, interconnected healthcare, with patients and professionals working together.
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A Lesson About Leadership from Two Goats and Their Fickle Owners

A remarkable story about two goats and their owner provides valuable lessons about leadership. It's all about integrity and trust.

Develop a Coaching Culture

What might you do to develop a coaching culture in your office, in your organization?
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How Coaching Can Help You Create Your Future as a Leader

What narrative are you creating, experience by experience?  What is your life’s blueprint? Whom are you asking for help? Imagine someone who is your curbside...
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What We Can Learn About Leadership from The Boss

A Bruce (The Boss) Springsteen fan reflects on what her coaching clients can learn about leadership from him.
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Love Addict, A Book Review

We now believe that addiction—the compulsive use of x, despite negative consequences—is a disease of both behavior and brain.

My Cousin Bruce’s Death with Dignity

People never get cancer alone. The whole family (friends, loved ones) gets it. As I watched my cousin Bruce I hoped we all can go as he did, death with dignity, surrounded by those who love us.

Emergency Care – In Slow Motion

I have come full circle to my original decision to become a physician and help others. I enjoy helping people individually, not as one of an endless string of appointments. I enjoy helping people from my heart, without worrying about billing.
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The Boss and the Healing Power of Happiness

A doctor's prescription for health: Go to a concert and sing along with the music, if only in your imagination. Dance in the aisle, if only in fantasy.

Importance of Appreciation as a Valuable Leadership Skill

Everyone wants to be appreciated and, in fact, appreciation engages employees and leads to a better work product.
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Effective Teams in Patient Care

As we move into patient-centered care and a collaborative approach to practicing medicine, I've been researching the latest on effective teams. Creating a high-performing...

Physician Leadership Development

by Margaret (Maggi) Cary I’m designing a client-specific physician leadership development workshop for creating high performance care teams and so I’m revisiting leadership literature. I...