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By day, Michael Adelberg is a health policy wonk in Washington, DC; by evening, he is an historian of the American Revolution; about midnight, he turns into a fiction writer and reviewer. Sleep is overrated. Adelberg is the author of publications across all three interests, including: the award-winning American Revolution in Monmouth County: Theatre of Spoil and Destruction (History Press, 2010), and three well-reviewed novels: A Thinking Man's Bully (The Permanent Press, 2011), The Razing of Tinton Falls (History Press, 2011), and Saving the Hooker (The Permanent Press, 2014). Visit his website to learn more about him and his publications.
signing the u.s. constitution

The Founders and the Sanctity of Gun Ownership

A historian argues that It is inconsistent with Founders governing record to believe that they were supporters of unrestricted private firearms.
Sleeping angel statute (1200 x 800)

Why You Should Sleep When You Feel Like It

If you're a sleep pattern outlier, embrace that fact. Write a book, manage your assets, educate yourself on interesting topics, gets tomorrow's dinner going in the crockpot, or find something else that deserves your energies. You are fortunate to have this extra time to do something meaningful outside of the daily grind.