Leah White

Website: https://detoxtorehab.com/
Leah White has a bachelor's in Creative Writing from Arizona State University and is the process of earning a master's degree in Writing. She teaches therapeutic creative writing sessions to people in rehab for addiction. She also works as a writer and editor in marketing for A Better Today, a company that offers rehab services to people suffering from addiction. She writes educational and informational web content about drugs, substance abuse, and addiction at this position. Leah is passionate about education and treatment for substance abuse, after experiencing the horrors of addiction up close while she was growing up. Her mother was a high functioning alcoholic and eventually died of liver and kidney failure. She believes that substance abuse disorder is a serious mental health condition that should be treated accordingly. She has faith in the power of written word for the reader and writer. The therapeutic possibilities of writing about experiences, traumas, and feelings are endless. Leah's clients grow immensely by developing a venue in which they are free to express themselves and process difficult experiences and emotions. On the marketing end, while writing web content may not seem like the most thrilling job, Leah presses that access to trustworthy information about these topics can be life-saving. She feels this is important work to be doing.