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Kurt Hong, MD, PhD, FACN

Kurt Hong, MD, PhD, FACN
Dr. Kurt Hong is the Executive Director of the Center for Clinical Nutrition & Applied Health Research, and Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Southern California. Dr. Hong earned his Doctor of Medicine from Harvard Medical School and his Doctor of Philosophy, Cellular and Molecular Pathology from UCLA. Dr. Hong has been involved in obesity and metabolic disease research over the past 15 years. His research interests include the study of macro and micronutrients affecting energy metabolism, weight status and related complications, including metabolic syndrome. Dr. Hong is an investigator on NIH-funded studies and has served on multiple editorial boards and national organization committees - including the Obesity Society, Southern California Clinical, and Translational Science Institute, and the American Society for Nutrition. He is dual board-certified in internal medicine and clinical nutrition. As a well-recognized expert in his field, Dr. Hong contributes regularly to national magazines and other media outlets and has been voted three times by his peers to Best Doctors in AmericaTM. Dr. Hong is also on the Scientific Board at L-Nutra, the leading nutritechnology company focused on the science and benefits behind fasting, and developer of ProLon®.

The Benefits of Fasting – with Food!

The Fasting Mimicking Diet offers the potential to normalize fasting by reducing the psychological burden & physical demand while providing its many health benefits.