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Kevin Campbell, MD
I am an internationally recognized cardiologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. I am a medical expert for WNCN and appear weekly on the NBC 17 morning news and also make frequent appearances nationally on Fox News where I discuss healthcare topics of interest. I understand the urgency of TV and I am usually able to accommodate the media world. Even though I am a specialist in cardiology, I can share my expertise with many current health related topics.
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Physician Burnout Symptoms, Causes, and Consequences

Burnout is more common than many physicians think. It is essential for physicians as well as their coworkers and families to understand the signs and symptoms and intervene early.
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Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Take on Obamacare: 4 Findings

Recently the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association published a report detailing the effects of the Affordable Care Act legislation on consumers and insurance companies....
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The Rise of the Hospital Administrator

The hospital administrator has evolved into the overlord of medical practice & is now dictating how, when, & where physicians & other providers work.

Sharing Bad News or Keeping Secrets: Impacts of Physician Communication

While communication is an integral part of the practice of medicine, not all healthcare providers are able to relay information or test results in a way that is easily digested and processed by patients.

Gender Disparities in Health Care

This past week I had the honor and pleasure of introducing my book on Women and Cardiovascular Disease in London. During the book-signing event, I was able to meet with many of my European colleagues. As the evening’s discussions continued into the night, I once again realized just how much we have left to do in addressing gender disparities in care.

Attending a Funeral: Mourning the Loss of a Friend AND Learning More About the...

Every once in a while, there are certain people who really make a lasting impact and forever change us as caregivers and as human beings. Ed was one of those patients.

Using Twitter and Social Media to Predict Disease: Identifying Risk and Impacting Change

Beyond the more traditional uses of social media platforms in medicine, a new study has recently been released that shows that one particular platform may actually be useful in predicting disease.

“Veritas”, Ivy and the Affordable Care Act: What’s Good for the Goose May Now...

Prominent academics within the prestigious Harvard University department of Economics have long been vocal supporters of President Obama and his Affordable Care Act legislation. In fact, many Harvard professors helped develop some of the concepts that were utilized in the drafting of the ACA. During the debates over the ACA in Congress, these professors were frequently seen (and heard) touting the legislation as a fiscally responsible way to provide affordable care to all Americans. My how things have changed.