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Jennifer Yugo, PhD

Jennifer Yugo, PhD
As Corvirtus Chief Scientist, Jennifer creates science-based solutions for achieving the intended patient experience and quality care through people. Her expertise in I-O Psychology ensures Corvirtus hiring and culture-building solutions lead industry best practices. Corvirtus analytics experts partner with healthcare companies to create and build a 5-star Patient Experience that increases engagement from one location to multi-unit enterprises.

How Rudeness and Bullying Harms Patient Care

Whether it's serial perpetrators of abuse or a person that occasionally makes a hurtful remark, rudeness and bullying behaviors directly harm patient care.

How to Build a Culture that Shows Patients You Care

One promise central to Disney is the expectation of genuine care for each person that touches the company. In healthcare, this means caring for every person from custodians to doctors to patients.

Delivering Positive Wait Time Experiences

What doctors' offices can learn from Disney to deliver positive wait time experiences.

How to Chart a Better Patient Experience Using the Disney Compass

Disney's approach to Guestology includes understanding needs, wants, stereotypes & emotions.