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Jennifer Yugo, PhD and Marta Erhard

Jennifer Yugo, PhD and Marta Erhard
Jennifer Yugo (L), Chief Scientist at Corvirtus, creates science-based solutions for achieving the intended patient experience and quality care through people. Her expertise in I-O Psychology ensures Corvirtus hiring and culture-building solutions lead industry best practices. Marta Erhard (R) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Corvirtus. Under her leadership, Corvirtus provides expertise in pre-employment selection, leadership development, engagement, and building intentional cultures to help businesses flourish.
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Great Patient Experiences Drive Continuity of Care

Experiences that leave patients feeling truly cared for and competent in their ability to contribute to their own health are an important part of the pathway to the continuity of care.

Keeping Patients Happy from the First Touch to the Last

From first touch to last, your Front Office Team exerts significant influence over the patient experience, loyalty, and revenue.