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John Torous, MD

John Torous, MD
John Torous, MD is a staff psychiatrist and clinical informatics fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). He has a background in electrical engineering and computer sciences and received an undergraduate degree in the field from UC Berkeley before attending medical school at UC San Diego. He is co-director of the BIDMC Digital Psychiatry Care Assessment Research and Education program (D-CARE) . He serves as editor-in-chief for the leading academic journal on technology and mental health, JMIR Mental Health, currently leads the American Psychiatric Association’s work group on the evaluation of smartphone apps, and co-chairs the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society's Health Information Technology Committee.

Digital and Mobile Health Technology for Schizophrenia

The future of schizophrenia is looking more and more digital as tech is being used to increase physical activity, deliver therapy & social support, help monitor for relapse, and much more.