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Jason Salber, MD
Jason Salber, MD is a Stanford-trained, board certified radiologist in Boise, Idaho. While working in a medical specialty with some of the most advanced technology in health care, he developed a strong interest in health IT and the ability of technology to improve healthcare of the population. In addition to practicing radiology, he served as the CEO and COO of his 150 person group during this rapid change in healthcare delivery.

Imagine What 3D Printing Can Do For Medicine

The potential of 3D printing for the future of medicine is almost limitless. Who would have imagined that the technology that is being used to make little plastic things would one day be used in so many different ways to heal and/or replace parts of the human body?

How Technology Squeezed the Joy Out of Radiology

Digitization of radiology has brought important benefits to radiology practice, but the increasing isolation of radiologists may contribute to burnout.
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Idaho, the Best State to Practice Medicine!

Physicians Practice released its list of the best states to practice for 2012. The list ranks locations based on Malpractice frequency, cost of living, reimbursements, and other physician related-criteria. Guess what state won.