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Jennifer Landis is a twenty-something healthy living blogger, mother, wife, distance runner, yogi, and tea connoisseur. She enjoys clean eating, but also peanut butter ice cream. She writes about mindfulness, parenting, and clean eating on her blog, Mindfulness Mama

3 Reasons Why the Cancer Rate is Declining in the U.S.

Deaths from cancer have declined 23% overall since the high recorded in 1991. As a result, an estimated 1.7 million cancer deaths were prevented. The drop in cancer deaths was driven by three factors.
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Nursing is One of America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

A recent report called nursing one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Here are some of the reasons why and tips on what you can do to make their lives better.

How Medical Marijuana Helps Some Patients Get Better

As more and more states legalize the use of medical marijuana, studies are documenting its positive effects in a variety of medical conditions.

How to Minimize the Risk of ASD During Your Pregnancy

Although the exact cause of autism is unknown, there are some things you can do that might minimize the risk of your child being born with ASD.

Why Positivity is the Best Medicine

Positivity is a great tool to use in your everyday life. While life is unpredictable and often unstable, your reaction to it doesn’t have to be.
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Seniors: 5 Ways You Can Safely Boost Your Metabolism

Aging can slow your metabolism, but there are many things you can do to keep your body humming as the years go by. Here are five of them.

4 Reasons Why Water is the Best Beverage

Water should be your beverage of choice as it is calorie-free, readily available, and has many health benefits.

How to Encourage Adolescent Health Literacy in the Digital Age

Personal health doesn’t just come naturally, but the knowledge, skills, and habits associated with personal health are best learned during adolescence so that they can solidify into a foundation of good health throughout adult life.

What Men Need to Know About Breast Cancer

Many men don’t realize that they can get breast cancer. And even if they do, they aren’t on the lookout for any symptoms that would lead to early detection—but early detection is the key to successful treatment.

How to Have a Safe Family Summer Vacation

Looking for tips on how to keep your home, family, and possessions safe while on vacation? Jennifer Landis help you discover secrets to a safe family vacation.

Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

Summer is all about family fun with vacations, barbecues, and time spent at the pool. All that fun, though, also means taking stock of safety needs around the house to make sure fun zones are safe zones, too