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Jori Hamilton comes from a marketing background where she honed her skills in copywriting, content marketing, blogging, and SEO best practices. At the end of 2018, she decided to take her skills elsewhere and launched herself into the freelance writing market. She has written about socio-political topics, changes in education, technology, the environment, and healthcare. Jori is a from the Pacific Northwest. You can follow her work on Twitter.

Occupational Burnout: What Is It And Who Is At Risk?

You leave work feeling exhausted day after day. You hope that it’s just a phase. But the longer you wait for it to pass,...
grief acceptance diagnosis

The Importance of Grief and Acceptance After a Diagnosis

Almost any diagnosis can trigger stages of grief and acceptance. It's vital to work through these feelings and make needed changes to better manage the condition.
Cheerful pregnant older woman 2119 x 1415

What You Need To Know About Geriatric Pregnancy

Geriatric pregnancies (women 35 & older), are becoming more common. Even though they're at higher risk, many result in healthy pregnancies & normal births.
close up of dental tools - VA dental benefits

Tips To Improve Oral Health In The U.S.

As the political debates about health insurance rages on, the issue of how to improve oral health in the U.S. is largely ignored.
Doctor and an Elderly Patient

How Healthcare Staff Shortages Will Affect Seniors

As Americans get older, more people will need home health services, nursing home placement, or hospice care to remain well.