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Irv Lichtenwald is president and CEO of Medsphere Systems Corporation, the solution provider for the OpenVista electronic health record. He has more than 25 years experience helping technology firms evolve from the start-up phase to public markets, consistently demonstrating a strong attraction to entrepreneurial enterprises and groundbreaking ideas. Prior to joining Medsphere, he served as CFO of Advent Software, a leading provider of investment management solutions. Between 1995 and 2003, Irv led Advent through three public stock offerings. A member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association and a graduate of the University of Chicago MBA program, Irv is also a director of Teratech Corporation and a trustee of the San Francisco Ballet.

Now is the Time for a Moonshot for Mental Illness

The Human Genome Project, biology's equivalent to the Apollo moon shot, led to sequencing the human genome. Now, we need a moonshot aimed at mental illness.

How Can We Engage Patients Behind Their Screens?

Irv Lichtenwald writes that successful patient portals will be designed to appeal to users both as consumers and as patients?
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Cyber Liability Insurance Needs to Be More Affordable

Cyber liability insurance is available to organizations worried about breaches, loss of data and ransom attacks but risk must be managed to make premiums affordable.
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How to Respond to the Threat of Healthcare Cybercrime

The Hollywood Presbyterian ransom case is a shot across the bow of what promises to be a lengthy, spirited battle between wired healthcare & cybercriminals.
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The Urgency to Increase Security Against Cyberattacks

The first-ever government warning that a medical device was vulnerable to hacking was for an insulin pump that could deliver a fatal dose of the medication.
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Should We Force Treatment on the Mentally Ill?

How high a priority is self-determination for people effectively locked up in their mental illnesses?
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Can Technology Fill the Gaps in Mental Health Care?

More and better technology is not a substitute for adequate mental health care funding and coordinated planning.