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Irv Lichtenwald is president and CEO of Medsphere Systems Corporation, the solution provider for the OpenVista electronic health record. He has more than 25 years experience helping technology firms evolve from the start-up phase to public markets, consistently demonstrating a strong attraction to entrepreneurial enterprises and groundbreaking ideas. Prior to joining Medsphere, he served as CFO of Advent Software, a leading provider of investment management solutions. Between 1995 and 2003, Irv led Advent through three public stock offerings. A member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association and a graduate of the University of Chicago MBA program, Irv is also a director of Teratech Corporation and a trustee of the San Francisco Ballet.
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Can Commoditization Drive Down Costs of EHRs?

We may never want healthcare IT to fully commoditize because it would probably result in fewer advances and less innovation. Still, some standards and modularity are essential to apply downward pressure on healthcare IT pricing.
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Primary Care is Better When Hospitals Are Engaged

While the hospital is not central to the idea of a patient-centered medical home, it can play a crucial role in overall patient health.
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Mental Health Care in the U.S.: Separate and Unequal

More than 20 years after the Mental Health Parity Act, there are wide cracks in the U.S. mental health care delivery system.

Billion Dollar EHRs Might Bankrupt the U.S.

Healthcare EHRs offer a unique opportunity to help moderate costs and provide a host of clinical, organizational, and population health benefits by improving processes, but only if the systems don’t require mortgaging the future and putting the hospital in financial straits.

5 Key Strategies to Improve Rural Healthcare Viability

Rural Americans have fewer healthcare options as the number of hospitals decreases and specialists stay in the cities. Here are 5 strategies to improve rural healthcare.

On Engaging Patients and Having the Patience to Make it Work

How can providers help patients become more engaged in their own care? It takes strategies and it takes patience.

America Has a Rural Healthcare Crisis – Technology Can Help

Can technology provide a remedy for the dismal state of rural healthcare in America? If not, what else can be done? Irv Lichtenwald outlines the issues.

Double Whammy: When Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Collide

Clinicians must recognize when mental illness and substance abuse occur together in order to offer more effective treatment.

What the Cures Act Will and Will Not Do for Mental Health

The 21st Century Cures Act, while focused on improving healthcare through better, more rapid research, tries too hard to be all things to all people—it won’t be.

The Crisis in Mental Healthcare – Can EHRs Help?

Digitized mental health care may mean better mental health care, but system security and personal privacy are crucial when it comes to mental health data.

Gun Language Stalls Mental Health Bill in the Senate

When it comes to bills that improve our broken mental health system, we should leave any mention of guns out so that they are not stalled by ideological controversy.

Why We Must Commit to Better Mental Health Care Right Now

Estimates suggest as many as 590,000 people annually end up in America's de facto mental health system: jails and prisons, streets and homeless shelters, the morgue.