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Helen M. Farrell, MD
Helen M. Farrell, M.D., is an award-winning Harvard psychiatrist, keynote speaker, and writer. Dr. Farrell is a staff psychiatrist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and an Instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She is a medical graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Farrell writes extensively on mental health and wellness and is often quoted in media outlets. In her TEDx Talk, Creating Hope for Mental Health. Dr. Farrell blends the art of storytelling with informative content and optimism. Dr. Farrell’s animated short-film, “What is Depression?” received nearly a million views on YouTube shortly after its release. Dr. Farrell is optimistic about the progress of mental health and believes that everyone can create his or her own bright future, and many can also use a little help along the way.
Depressed and confused person

Are You Feeling Depressed or Having Depression?

Partnering with TED-Ed on the animated short-film, "What is depression?" has allowed this once stigmatized and daunting concept to be better understood.