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Health Rosetta Principles

Health Rosetta Principles
Healthcare cost and quality will reach their full potential with new incentives and the democratization of health information. The Health Rosetta defines a blueprint for wise healthcare purchasing that is allowing health services to be purchased for 20-55% less than the status quo while improving benefits on a sustained basis. Further, it helps protect employers from the rising spectre of liability due to dereliction of fiduciary duties on managing health benefits (under ERISA regulations in the U.S.). In the works is a certification that borrows approaches from LEED and Fair Trade to accelerate the growth of the new health ecosystem. The Health Rosetta is also the call-to-action for the grassroots Health 3.0 movement that is growing and will be catalyzed by the satirical The Big Heist film. One must address the totality of health to overcome the catastrophic misallocation of resources that has led to abysmal health outcomes.

The Best Way to Train and Prepare Doctors for the 21st Century

Medical education must include 3 key literacies will define the doctor of 2033: Network awareness, information control, and digital content creation.

Cognified Care: A Transformation of Healthcare

The cognification of medicine—enabled by the internet, machine learning, artificial intelligence, sensors, and the Cloud—will disrupt our existing healthcare paradigm.

Monopolies on Medical Knowledge and Information are Unethical

Jonathan Bush predicts that healthcare organizations that try to defend their market position by locking down information won’t be able to keep pace with those who are opening up and reinventing themselves.