Forrest Arthur, M.D.


Dr. Forrest Arthur a General Surgery Specialist in St Petersburg, FL has over 32 years of experience in the medical field. He is currently enrolled in the Fellowship program at River Oaks, an American Addiction Centers facility.

Dr. Arthur received his Bachelor’s Degree from Northwestern University, followed by his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Following this, he completed his training in General and Trauma Surgery at Wayne State University.

Dr. Arthur had a successful practice for the next 15 years in general, vascular and trauma surgery in St. Petersburg. In addition, he practiced and functioned as the Chairman of the Department of Surgery at a major metropolitan hospital.

Having experienced opioid addiction himself, he learned first-hand what successful recovery involves. Prompted by this experience, Dr. Arthur changed careers in order to help others deal with this deadly affliction. And during his administrative work in addiction, he worked for 9 years with addicted healthcare professionals and became known as an authority in this area.

His current employment enables him to be one of a fairly small group of physicians in this country with a Board Certification in Addiction Medicine. This includes chronic pain and pain management, treatment of substance toxicity and detoxification, as well as any co-occurring mental illness. Additionally, Dr. Arthur has expertise in the clinical areas of addiction treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy and other approaches to therapy.

He currently belongs to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Before his medical career, Dr. Arthur was an Olympic caliber equestrian in the arena of hunters and jumpers, rode professionally, and tried out for the 1984 Olympics.