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David Toomey
David Toomey is a senior healthcare executive with 30+ years of expertise in addressing the fragmentation within the healthcare system. His experience includes revenue/P&L management and business development, with products ranging from digital health, transparency, wellness, performance networks, medical cost management, and clinical management programs. David is a Senior Vice President with Sharecare’s Enterprise division. Sharecare, created by Jeff Arnold (founder of WebMD) and Dr. Mehmet Oz, provides a health platform to bring all healthcare communications, content, and coaching for individuals, which improves their RealAge. Prior to Sharecare, he was the Chief Revenue Officer of Compass Professional Health Services, a rapidly growing, technology-enabled firm that works with employers to impact their population’s health and to lower their overall healthcare costs.

When Employers and Providers Collaborate, It’s a Win for Patients

Employers, as the ultimate purchasers of healthcare, must work closely with providers to re-design the current fragmented process of care and bring a “Six Sigma” approach rooted in evidence-based treatment guidelines.