Daniela McVickers

Website: http://www.topwritersreview.com
Daniela McVicker is an associate editor for Topwritersreview and chief editor at StudyClerk. After obtaining a degree in social psychology from Durham University, Daniela launched her career as a freelance writer for reputable publications in England and abroad. She is a member of several professional writers’ associations.

For more than a decade, she has been writing on topics related to self-improvement, entrepreneurship, and education. With her academic background, professional writing experience, and her successful entrepreneurial pursuits, Daniela shares advice, and strategies that come from real-life experience and speak to readers in a personal way.

Her articles regularly reach thousands of views and she is considered a fervent proponent of writing as an essential skill for professionals. Among some of her most insightful and popular articles, there are titles such as “The Daily Choices That Dictate Success”, “How to Survive a Career Transition”, “Career Counseling Should Be Mandatory for Students”.

When she’s not writing, Daniela spends her time reading, traveling, and speaking to students and professional groups about career success and life satisfaction. She currently lives in Durham with her husband and two children.

To contact Daniela, reach out to her on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn