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Denis Dudley, MD
Certified specialist in obstetrics and gynecology with postgraduate qualifications in Canada, Great Britain, and the USA. Subspecialty practice was in Maternal Fetal Medicine and Reproductive Endocrinology. Faculty position at the University of Ottawa, as Director of the MFM Unit between 1979 and 1991. Since 1991, remains as the Executive Director for Laserderm, a medical facility involved in clinical and academic cutaneous laser medicine, and CEO and President of CyberDERM Laboratories, Inc. Married to a photobiologist/dermatologist physician, Dr. Sharyn Laughlin, a Canadian pioneer and international luminary in cutaneous laser surgery and medicine.
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Your Sunscreen Isn’t Enough to Prevent Skin Cancer

There is persuasive evidence that UVA is an important driver of UV radiation-mediated sun damage to the skin, but many sunscreens are biased toward protection against UVB.