Christopher Visser

Christopher is a web designer, blogger, and online social activist who has an incredibly strong interest in helping cancer patients worldwide. Cancer hits very close to home with Chris as he has lost four family members to various forms of this disease. One of his latest projects is Cannabidiol Life. While controversial to some (due to the fact that much is not known), it is the first medical resource and product guide that comprehensively explains and helps families around the world learn about the benefits of CBD in connection with over 50 diseases and health conditions.

“Even though there is still much to be learned about CBD, here at Cannabidiol Life, we like to think of ourselves as present day explorers who’ve entered and started a small fire in a deep dark cave that has been blocked off for years. Although we aren’t the first to ever enter the cave, nor the first to start a fire, we’ve still managed to create our own flame. Difference is, we intend to keep the fire burning until we uncover all the writings on the wall and we will make sure the whole world knows about it.” - Christopher Visser