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Brian Klepper is a health care analyst, commentator and entrepreneur. He is a Founding Principal of Health Value Direct, which connects health care purchasers to high performing, high impact health care services. He formerly served as CEO of the Washington DC-based National Business Coalition on Health, now named the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, which represents 5,000 employers and unions, and some 35 million people in 52 regional business health coalitions. Much of Brian’s work has been focused on the mechanisms that underlie America’s health care cost crisis and how institutionalized clinical and business practices have distorted care and cost patterns, driving unnecessary cost. His perspective favors patients, whose medical care often exposes them to needless physical risk, and purchasers, whose health care costs are double those in other developed nations, creating a cascade of negative economic impacts.
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A Caribbean Hospital Delivers High Quality and Affordability

Health City Cayman Islands in the Caribbean has a relentless willingness to rethink and execute better-both keys to success that U.S. hospitals should emulate.
Is Value-Based Drug Pricing Possible in the U.S.? (Adobe Stock) 900 × 601

Is Value-Based Drug Pricing Possible in the U.S.?

Methodologies to achieve value-based drug pricing are well within reach, but industry will likely resist with all its power and influence. We will need strong leadership to mobilize the agents of reform to make meaningful change achievable.
The Ethical Stain on U.S. Medical Care (123RF) 1000 × 667

The Ethical Stain on U.S. Medical Care

The pervasiveness of inappropriate care is the U.S. medical system's biggest ethical stain. Alternatives, such as optimal medical management, are often ignored in favor of better paying surgical procedures.
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Healthcare in the U.S. is Broken – It’s Time to Fix It

Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point shows how US multipayer healthcare has hurt our economy, our businesses, and most of all our people
Florida Gov. Rick Scott (photo via Wikimedia)

Governor Scott, Lobbying Money, and the Public’s Trust

A CNN investigation asserts that Gov Rick Scott’s administration scuttled hospital quality standards after two Republican political groups received large contributions from Tenet.
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Is Cost of Cancer Care Ground Zero For Reform?

Cancer care is a microcosm of broader health industry practices because it resides at the nexus of aspirational technologies, enormous costs, hope, and death.
3 Reasons Why the Cancer Rate is Declining in the U.S. (Adobe Stock)

Reflections on Our Life with Cancer: The Last Round of Chemo

This is final part of the series. Elaine just finished her last chemo infusion. Brian describes the joy—and also the concerns—that go along with finishing one phase of life with cancer and starting on another—post-chemotherapy.
Depression Screening Has the USPSTF Lost its Voice of Caution

Reflections on Our Life with Cancer: Hitting Bottom

Elaine's experience is showing us that maintaining a sunny disposition becomes far more difficult as the challenge drags on, and the prospects for getting better become more uncertain.
Sacral Agenesis life is beautiful

Reflections on Our Life with Cancer: Chemotherapy, Side Effects, and Emotions

This is part 3 of Brian and Elaine's journey into Cancerland. It explores the world of chemotherapy, side effects, and the emotional rollercoaster.