Bonnie Feldman DDS, Ellen M Martin and Becca Malizia

As principal of DrBonnie360, Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA brings a unique triple lens to her consulting, speaking, and writing. She combines her expertise as an entrepreneurial dentist, a Wall Street analyst, and a digital health consultant to always ask the questions of how new digital tools and data can help each of us. Using company interviews, extensive scientific literature reviews, and an analysis of the conventional and integrative care landscape, DrBonnie360 uncovers a large and growing need in the autoimmune community. She is working with forward-thinking companies to apply new data and digital tools to reshape research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of autoimmune disease. She welcomes collaborative partners in this initiative.   Ellen Martin is a director and officer of boutique systems integrator HHG (founded 2003), managing marketing, corporate communications, and administration. As well as more than 20 years working with Bonnie Feldman, she provides strategic communications services with Kureczka|Martin Associates and Nadine D. Tosk Communications. Ellen holds an MBA in marketing and finance from Northwestern University’s Graduate School of Management (now Kellogg). She holds a BS in physical anthropology from the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana), with graduate work in archeology, population genetics, and osteology. Becca Malizia Becca is a scientist at heart but also an innovator and educator, passionate about storytelling for science. She received a BS in Biology from The George Washington University in 2015. Becca graduated Cum Laude, with a double minor in Archaeology and Fine Arts, while playing for their Division I soccer team. After graduating, she worked as a research assistant doing clinical research for the Emergency Department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, focusing on trauma and the transition from pre-hospital to hospital care. She also worked as a clinical assistant at the main outpatient children’s hospital in Alabama, Children’s of Alabama, triaging patients for a wide variety of clinics. Becca is currently in graduate school at the University of California, Los Angeles, getting a Master’s of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a focus on Evolutionary Medicine. This one of a kind program adds an evolutionary and ecological context to modern medicine, health and disease. Passionate about all aspects of life, science, and the pursuit of happiness, Becca hopes to contribute to a future focused on education, health and wellness for all