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Anish Koka, MD
Anish Koka MD is a cardiologist in private practice in Philadelphia. He did his medical residency at Temple University in Philadelphia, and completed a cardiology fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He has been in solo practice since 2013, and enjoys being on the front lines of patient care. He has always had an interest in health care policy and how it effects the delivery of care on a day to day basis. His musings on health care can be found on anishkoka.blogspot.com.

What’s Best for You? Medicare or Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage plans represent the federal government's experiment with delivering care to seniors through private insurance companies
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Are Medical Error Statistics Accurate?

Cardiologist Anish Koka explores the woeful lack of science behind some oft-quoted medical error statistics.
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Healthcare Costs Are On The Rise Again

Healthcare costs resumed their inexorable rise in 2014, after flat growth for the preceding four years. ACA expansion is the primary driver.