Allie Johnson

Allie Johnson is a pseudonym created for the purposes of publishing this piece. She decided to publish this piece anonymously to protect the privacy of herself and those included in the story.

She wanted to share this real-life experience without fear of it impacting the lives of those who were a part of it. Since these events occurred, she has repaired relationships with some of the people involved and does not wish to harbor any negative feelings towards them.

Her hope is that by sharing this story it will help others like herself recognize the signs of an abusive relationship and to know that they are not alone.

Allie is very passionate about mental health and mental health awareness. Allie is currently in training to become a doctor at an institution on the east coast and is hoping to go into a pediatric specialty.

When she isn’t studying or listening to her classes she enjoys writing, reading, singing, and purchasing over-priced coffee from local coffee shops in her area. She also enjoys spending time with her cat, her friends, her family, and her boyfriend.