Adam X

Adam is the 13 year-old creator of Wuf Shanti, Yoga Dog for Kids. He want's to help get this message out to kids everywhere, and their parents, teachers, and doctors, because he thinks it is so important right now with everything going on in the world, and he wants to help stop the violence. Wuf Shanti is a character that was created by a kid for other kids, and travels to schools and children’s hospitals to share yoga, meditation, and mindfulness with children to promote health and wellness, and encourage peace and positivity. Wuf Shanti videos can be seen on the Children's TV Network in children's hospitals across the country, on local PBS stations, on the Wuf Shanti Yoga Fun Machine mindful mobile app, and on the Wuf Shanti YouTube Channel. Wuf Shanti videos, books, and mobile app were awarded the Mom's Choice Award for "Best in Family-Friendly Media, Products, and Services" and the mobile app was named "Best Health App for Kids" by Common Sense Media. To learn more about Wuf Shanti, visit and/or join us on social media.