3D Augmented Interactive Reality

Atheer AiR Smart Glasses allow you to see a virtual world on top of the real one

Like Google Glass, Atheer Augmented interactive Reality (AiRTM) Smart Glasses created by Atheer Labs puts the virtual stuff you want to see right in front of you, overlaid on the real world. Unlike Google Glass, you see the virtual images using both of your eyes and the images are in 3D. More importantly, you can reach out and interact with the images, turning them around, backwards and forwards, or upside down. The built-in camera allows you to share what you see with colleagues and friends. According to Executive Vice President, Sina Fateh, an ophthalmologist that I had a chance to chat with at the Fall 2014 Health 2.0 Conference, these glasses do not cause eye fatigue or headaches and, he says, they are very comfortable. [Here is a link to the video.]

Atheer Labs is designing these glasses and companion AiR OS for use in a variety of industries, including health care. Their vision for health care is

“Whether the clinician is in the operating room or providing bedside care, having quick access to medical records and vitals without turning away from the patient helps increase the quality of care. Nurses can view medical data from a wide range of monitoring devices on the go, helping them properly respond to any medical situation”

This brief video illustrates how the Smart Glasses could potentially be used:

Development models of the AiRTM are available for demo. I had a chance to try them out at the conference. The first thing I saw was a button to get the system started. I tried to push it but I couldn’t reach it. I was using glasses adjusted for Sina’s use and his arms, it turns out, are much longer than mine. After really stretching, I got the thing to turn on so I could visualize a large virtual purple heart floating in front of my eyes….using gestures we are all familiar with (swiping and pinching), I was able to spin the heart around and change it’s orientation in space. Very cool.

The company still has a ways to go before they are ready for prime time, but Sina says we are not talking about years and years. The product is expected to be released mid-2015. The have an open API and are actively seeking enterprise developers to work with them on new applications. And, if you are interested in scheduling a demo, click here. If you want to learn more about opportunities for developers fill out the request form on their website or email bizdev@atheerlabs.com.



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