By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

First posted on 1/6/2014

HealthInnovation Media staff will be in the ‘sea of humanity’ expected at the premier tech gadget showcase of the 2014 installment of CES in Las Vegas, Nevada this week.

This is the 3rd time in the last 4 years that I have covered the event. It is an experience unlike any other I’ve participated in including HiMSS annual, the Health Datapalooza, Health 2.0 San Franciso or even the WLSA wireless health or convergence summits.ces 2014

In the course of a week, perhaps somewhat muted this year’s by ‘artic blasts’ covering much of the country, and no doubt likely to impact the travel plans of some, an estimated 150,000 people will make their way to and through the multi-football field spreads of vendor displays, exibitions, conferences, meet-ups and tweetups.

For information on this massively scaled event, the formal hashtag is #CES2014 – but good luck trying to follow the volume of tweets this stream is assured to produce. Instead you may want to follow the twitter feed of certain credible blogs and tweeps the likes of: @HealthcareWen@nversel@ehrandhit, and of course our team @docweighsin and @2healthguru.

We have an eclectic mix (planned vs. ad hoc) of interviews scheduled, and will be principally floating through a potpourri of events,demonstrations and exhibits.

Select reference links inclued CES socialMyCESconference search tool, and the registration option. For newbie’s, checkout the ‘first timer resources‘ a video introduction to CES.

Contact us via twitter if you are in the digital health domain and want to line-up a meeting with you, your company and/or message.


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