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The Single-Payer Debate: Dr. Patricia Salber Interviews Dr. Don Berwick

Despite efforts by Republicans to scale back the Affordable Care Act, there is another movement to push the healthcare industry further left and into a single-payer system. In the this Managed Care Cast, Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, FRCP, president emeritus and senior fellow of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and a former administrator of CMS, and Patricia Salber, MD, MBA, of The Doctor Weighs In, discuss the idea of single-payer system and misconceptions about the concept, such as that is means the government will run healthcare. Some countries have chosen government-run healthcare in addition to a single-payer system, but the United States has been discussing a single-payer environment, which is a discussion around payment, not care delivery. They also speculate on the steps of getting from the current multipayer system in the United States to single-payer system and what individual states are doing to investigate the possibility of setting up a single-payer system.

Progress on Payment Reform: Dr. Patricia Salber Interviews Dr Suzanne Delbanco

Suzanne Delbanco, PhD, MPH, of Catalyst for Payment Reform, and Patricia Salber, MD, MBA, of The Doctor Weighs In, discuss payment reform in the healthcare industry, including quality measurements and accountable care organizations.

Scoring the Senate Healthcare Bill: Dr. Patricia Salber Interviews Nathan Bays

Shortly before the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its score for the Senate healthcare bill, Patricia Salber, MD, MBA, of The Doctor Weighs In, and Nathan Bays, managing director at Cain Brothers, a healthcare investment bank, and policy advisor to The Health Management Academy, discussed how the Senate bill stands up to the House bill and speculation about how the CBO might score the bill.

Creating a Value-Based Formulary: Dr. Patricia Salber Interviews Dr. Kai Yeung

During this year’s Patient Access Network Foundation Challenge, research submitted by Kai Yeung, PharmD, PhD, of the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, was chosen as the paper winner. The main topic of the challenge this year had been Sustainable Strategies for Providing Access to Critical Medications. In this Managed Care Cast, Patricia Salber, MD, MBA, of The Doctor Weighs In, speaks with Yeung about his winning research paper on creating a value-based formulary.

The GOP’s Vision for Healthcare: Dr. Patricia Salber Interviews Nathan Bays

Just hours before House Republicans released their long-awaited Affordable Care Act replacement bill, Patricia Salber, MD, MBA, of The Doctor Weighs In, and Nathan Bays, general counsel and executive director at the Health Management Academy, discussed what was expected to be included in the final bill and mostly accurately predicted the main provisions of the new bill.

Climate Change and Health: Dr. Patricia Salber Interviews Dr. Georges Benjamin

Georges C. Benjamin, MD, executive director of the American Public Health Association, was involved with putting on the replacement meeting for the CDC’s canceled conference on climate change and health. He discussed how climate change is a social justice issue, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the health impacts of climate change in an interview with Patricia Salber, MD, MBA.

Elements of ACA Replacement: Dr. Patricia Salber Interviews Sally Pipes

Dr. Patricia Salber Interviews conservative health policy expert Sally Pipes about key elements of Republican replacement plans for the ACA. Listen for an insightful discussion with views from the right and the left.

Caring for Complex Patients: Dr. Patricia Salber Speaks With the Camden Coalition

During an interview with 3 members of the Coalition, Dr. Patricia Salber discussed the work of the Coalition, scaling its success, the upcoming conference, and more.

ACOs and Healthcare Transformation: Dr. Patricia Salber Interviews Travis Broome

As the healthcare industry moves toward value-based care and accountable care organizations and other new financial models gain greater importance, Aledade is looking to guide physicians to success. Dr. Patricia Salber interviewed Travis Broome of Aledade on the mission of Aledade and healthcare transformation.

Drug Formulary Exclusions: Dr. Patricia Salber Interviews Dr James Chambers

Researchers from Tufts Medical Center analyzed findings from 26 studies to determine how drug exclusion policies affect patients and healthcare costs. They found that in most cases, exclusion policies work. Dr. Patricia Salber interviewed the lead author, Dr. James Chambers, to discuss his findings.

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