Michael O’Neil, Founder and CEO of GetWellNetwork, has been talking about patient engagement for the past 14 years to anyone willing to listen. He has built his company around improving performance and outcomes in hospitals through an interactive software that promotes patient engagement by allowing patients to become more independent in their health journey as they learn how to utilize the tools offered in the program. And now that patient engagement has become known as the “blockbuster drug” of the century, Michael joined us on camera at #HiMSS14 to shed some light to those interested in learning more about this patient engagement business. 


A Little About GetWellNetwork

GetWellNetwork was founded in 1999 by Michael based on his own hospital experience during his 1999 battle with lymphoma. Over the next several years, the company deployed GetWellNetwork systems in hospitals around the country. In 2009, the company launched GetWell Town, an interactive patient care system designed for pediatric patients. Using the bedside TV, the GetWellNetwork system enables patients to view movies, access the Internet, and play games on TV. In addition to entertainment, the GetWellNetwork system offers educational resources tailored for the patient’s specific condition. The system includes a library of educational videos and content on specific health conditions, medications, tests and procedures. The patient education library offers material from content providers like, Milner-Fenwick, KidsHealth, Blausen Medical, Swank Motion Pictures, Wired.MD and others. Patients also have access to information about the hospital including visiting hours, staff profiles and patient care initiatives.


Enjoy the Video:

Video edited by Tammy Tran



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