older couple using airing
Older couple with Airing | via Airing

Continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP is the treatment of choice for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It is administered via a bedside machine that generates a mild air pressure that is transmitted to the throat via a hose and a mask that is strapped to the face.

woman with cpap
Woman with CPAP | via Airing

Depending on the device and the individual, the treatment is considered by some to be a lifesaver—reducing the symptoms of OSA, including snoring and daytime sleepiness.

For others, it is a nightmare that makes it even more difficult to sleep because of the noise of the machine, leakage of air around the mask, the discomfort of exhaling against pressure, and the awkwardness of trying to move in bed with all that stuff strapped to you. And then, there is the body image problem…(Arghhh! Do I really look like that???).

Significant numbers of people fall into both camps—the love’ems and the hate’ems. Adherence to traditional CPAP is estimated to be about 60-70%.


Enter the Airing

First of all, the caveat. The Airing—a hoseless, maskless, micro CPAP—is a product that is still in development. A non-working prototype has been created and certain features, such as the nose buds, the soft silicon structures that hold the device in your nose, have been successfully user-tested.

The vents that allow air flow into and out of the device have also been tested and seem to work just fine when someone is breathing through the prototype.

The micro-blowers that generate the air pressure, the key technology in the device, are in the proof of concept development stage. Once this is achieved, clinical testing in real live people will be done to demonstrate that they produce the same outcomes as the full-blown, masked, hosed macro-CPAP.

Here is a graphic that shows how the micro-blowers work:

how airing microblowers workThe device runs on a battery that is designed to work for ~8 hours, enough for one night. The next morning you toss it, using a fresh one each night. So, unlike the traditional CPAP machine, no cleaning or maintenance is required.

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What is it going to cost?

The company hopes the Airings will retail for about $3 or $.60 if insurance covers the usual 80%. This translates into an annual price of about $1,100, before insurance. This is roughly comparable to the retail price of a mid-range CPAP machine. An important difference to consider, however, is that the Airing is a whole lot less likely to end up gathering dust in the basement because of its user-friendly design.


Crowdfunding development

Airing is currently raising money on Indiegogo to fund further development, clinical testing, and the FDA approval process. They have already raised more than $1 million. The more they raise, the inventor tells me, the quicker they will be able to bring the device to market. Currently, the goal is to be “on the shelves” in 2017.


So, why is the Airing a game-changer?

The Airing does away with almost all of the unpleasant features of the CPAP machine. First of all, it is small and fits snugly under the nose. There are no hoses, masks, noisy bedside machines, or cords. Further, as I mentioned above, it does not require cleaning and maintenance—you use it once and throw it away.


The inventor

According to the Airing website, Stephen A. Marsh,

“…is an avid, self-taught inventor/entrepreneur who has a long history of innovative product design. Stephen is the named inventor on over 75 patents and applications in the fields of electronics, energy, health care and consumer products. He has started several companies and has collaborated with a wide variety of institutions, including National Institute of Standards and Technology, AT&T, General Scanning/DuPont Medical Imaging Systems, Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, the National Institutes of Health and many others.”

I was fortunate to be able to chat with him via a Google Hangout on Air. You can watch the video to hear him describe his invention in more detail:


The bottom line

There is a very personal bottom line for me. I am, like many of you, my dear readers, a CPAP failure.

I just couldn’t stand to have that thing strapped on my face at night. And, yet, I would like something to relieve my symptoms and obviate the adverse effects of untreated OSA on my body.

Right now, I have to say, that there is no question in my mind that this:

airing front-square

is going to be way, way better than this:

old cpap mask

Featured photo credit: Airing


  1. If the sleep apnea condition is mild then the patient can begin some conservative obstructed sleep apnea treatments. Mild treatment include the patient getting more sleep, stop using alcohol and sedatives, lose weight and also the patient should avoid sleeping in the supine position. The supine position is when the sleeps on their back face up.

  2. Please let me know if you need someone for the clinical trial. My sleep study revealed that I stopped breathing 197 times in one night. I am fed up with the hose deal as it will not stay in my nose and the cord gets wrapped around my neck, so I wake just as many times fixing it as I do when my apnea wakes me. I will gladly be a tester for this!! I have been watching for it for years hoping it would come out. Please keep us informed!!!

  3. I can’t believe people fall for scams like this. No, there are not tiny fans capable of producing this kind of air pressure that sell for a dollar or two, nor are there batteries that could power them that would fit in this device if the blowers did exist.

  4. How can I get one. I am a cancer survivor, having problem with oxygen shortages, causing my hemoglobin to go wild dye to sleep apnea. I’m a very light sleeper, airing could save my life. I can’t sleep with a traditional ask. Please help, I need to try this device.

  5. Hola
    Mi consulta es si este dispositivo tambien puede funcionar para los que tienen la enfermedad de fibrosis pulmonar
    ya que conforme va avanzando la enfermedad se tiene que ir usando oxigeno de aire

    En caso que su respuesta fuera un no
    Usted me puede recomendar algun dispositivo para la enfermedad de fibrosis pulmonar que pueda reemplazar al tanque de oxigeno ya que este objeto deprime mas a la persona enferma que lo utiliza ya que slo tiene que llevar conectado a la cara
    y en caso que hubiera donde lo puedo conseguir

    Quedo a la espera de su respuesta
    Y gracias desde ya por su respuesta

  6. Please add me to your tester list. Very excited to see the results. Can you buy stock in the product? I own an Embroidery shop in Milwaukee Wi. We can make shirts for your sales reps with your logo on it. Great advertising. See my web page below. seamssewperfect.biz

  7. I probably average 3 hours a night sleep. I have 2 machines in the basement that I never could adapt in using. I pray this devise becomes available for use before I never wake up again!

  8. My husband would be an awesome test patient. He cant use any of the masks so he has to sleep on straight O2. He has a panic disorder and can’t do the masks

  9. I think this product is wonderful! I can’t wait to get one. I’d be happy to be a tester. I’ve had to use a CPAP since I was diagnosed with cancer in ’07. Using a CPAP makes it impossible to go camping (without electricity). With this product it opens up world of opportunities and freedom for those of us that are tethered to a machine at night. Thank you for inventing this and look forward to this product getting on the market SOON!

  10. This plan for the Airing cpap has been in the works for what seems like forever. People are contributing money to fund this thing and we still haven’t seen any product. When is this going to be done already?

  11. Have been using a CPAP for over 10 years and still not use to it and has been a pain. This is great news. I would volunteer as a tester.

  12. That is such a great idea. Can’t wait Fda to approve. I’ve had a CPAP for nine years. I have used it 5 times. Cannot stand the noise and the hose. I just cannot sleep with it on my face.

  13. i think I posted a comment a long time ago regarding your product. I was thrilled that the hose, mask, straps, headgear would be eliminated. I think you were having difficulties with your fans that produce a flow of air. My question is: How would you adjust the amount of air pressure that is flowing through the device. CPAP machines have a various air flow depending on the severity of a person s sleep apnea. You stated this is a $3.00 device, but what will the cost when you sell it retail? The device is small and I was wondering what the longevity of the device will be? Does it have pillows that sit on the back of the product that are inserted into your nose? How does this device stay on with nothing holding it on? Are these disposable? When in 2017 will you be releasing it? Will it have to be prescribed by your physician or can you purchase this at your local Walgreens or CVS?

    Your answers are greatly appreciated. If you need anyone for clinical trials I would like to apply.

  14. Initial funding request for a prototype 3 years ago: $100,000
    Funds raised as of today: Over $1,000,000
    Update: Still no prototype. No tests. No FDA approval. No patents.

    Everytime you ask a question, the Dr here or an Airing consultant will direct you to their funding page to give them more money.

    When are you guys going to wake up that this is an elaborate scam.

  15. Ray that’s not an option but we still need to buy the machine it’s very expensive so i’m just keep and eye on hubby now for the moment till we can afford it at least. It’s definitely a nightmare living with it… see him every night stop breathing or try to sleep not even medicine help always.

    But that’s live.

  16. Looks amazing. Just wish it was available in South Africa. My husband needs one soon but the machine is so noisy so no idea if I would get any sleep…sigh

    So when will this be available in South Africa just watch the video.

    • You might just have to sleep in separate rooms. Which is unfortunate but it would be worth it, at least for your husband. Living with sleep apnea is a nightmare.

  17. Hi my name is Rachelle I need that airing device I do hope you get approved by fda soon because I can’t not afford too pay for the sleep apnea machine the want me too buy right now so I rather wait for the airing device and so much much better !!!!!!Please help get one I lived in Ontario Canada thank u for everything u do hope too hear from u soon take care Rachelle!!!!

  18. Its a shame to throw them away after 8 hours of use. Maybe where the air holes are you could have a micro filter and clean it with a tooth brush and while the filter is out you could rinse the airing device with water, which is made of soft silicon water wouldnt hurt it. Then put back together to re-use…..maybe just a thought.

  19. Hi Robert,
    Thank you for your comment. We plan to do side-by-side comparisons as soon as we have a working prototype. The pictures that are shown on our video clearly note that the image is a non-functioning demonstration model. We are working hard and making very good progress on completing our proof-of-concept prototype. Once that is completed, we will begin testing. You can follow our progess on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/airingCPAP/?ref=bookmarks and sign up for updates on “Keep Me Posted (KMP)” on our website at http://www.fundairing.com/contact/.

  20. As a physician and cpap user, I feel the concept of a micro cpap is great and exciting. However I have several reservations . One , I’d like to see a side by side comparison in a proper sleep lab demonstrating cessation of apnea . This is the whole point of a sleep study and cpap titration. They adjust the pressure to the level needed to maintain a patent airway . Most modern cpap machines also collect feedback data about use and also respiratory patterns. If you were to lose weight and need less pressure or “peep” this data can be transmittedited to your pulmonary doctor who can adjust your settings remotely.

    I guess I’d rather see hard data that proves the micro cpap works on people in a sleep study environment and long term a compliance comparison .

  21. I’ve had a cpap for over 20 yrs.can’t stand the hoses and the size of it most of the time I wake up in the middle of the night what the thing sliding off my face I would be more than happy to be a test patient just get ahold of me and let me know when thank you

  22. I use my C-pap machine every night. It isn’t covered by my insurance and it causes headaches if I don’t. How many of these would one purchase provide me with since they are disposable? I saw on one site they are about $279. I assumed that was for one. Then another site said they were disposable. I am confused. I am also concerned about how on earth they would stay in place if I changed positions during the night. Also, since there is no moisture with this, what prevents the nasal passages from drying out or don’t they?

    • Hi Diane,
      Thank you for your interest in Airing. The information provided on “The Doctor Weighs In” is correct. I am not sure what sites you are viewing, but there are many that are copying our material and making claims to be just like Airing. They are non-functioning knock-offs that are not CPAP machines. The expected price of Airing will be $3 each. It is a single use product and we expect that most insurance companies will cover it.

      We are currently raising funds to complete construction of our proof of concept prototype. We are working hard and making very good progress. Once that is completed, we will begin testing and our FDA submissions. You can follow our progess on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/airingCPAP/?ref=bookmarks and sign up for updates on “Keep Me Posted (KMP)” on our website at http://www.fundairing.com/contact/. There is also a tab for frequently asked questions (FAQ) which you will find helpful. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at contact@fundairing.com.

    • Thank you but that doesn’t really answer my questions. How many are issued and how often do you expect the insurance to cover them? Also I don’t see how they stay in place when you change positions during the night. Finally what prevents nasal passages from frying out? My email was kicked back.

  23. I would like to know weather this apparatus improves the quality of air i breathe.I am allergic to dust .moreover i am interested in this product and would also like to sell this product in INDIA.

  24. I would like to get my dad in to be a test patient for this as he has severe sleep apnea and refuses to use his cpap machine because he said it dries out his throat and wakes him up too much during the night. So he wakes up feeling more tired than not using it. Specialist said that he needs to use it as it will help lower his blood pressure and help with heart irregularity. If this really works, it would be a god send as he hasn’t used his cpap machine in over 6 months. Then maybe I can finally get some sleep instead of worrying :)

  25. I snore a lot , and wake up tired , I think because of not enough oxygen getting in my lung , fo u think this device can help ?

  26. I have used a CPAP for 13 years. I grow very weary of it, and the upkeep. How would this device regulate the air pressure required? If the pressure is substandard, to my unit, then my acid reflux will activate.

  27. This is fantastic! No more lugging around my bulky unit when I travel. I would love to be considered as a beta tester for this amazing micro C-PAP unit and please include me on your mailing list, when it’s available. Thank you, Russell (russngiplus3@gmail.com)

  28. OMG…is this for real? I have tried several times over the past 2 years to use my CPAP…it keeps me awake all night adjusting the mask or straps. It doesn’t help the problem, it creates more. I need this device….NOW.
    I would test it if it were available…..Please tell me it is

  29. I would LOVE to be a tester. I have severe apnea. I’ve had the surgery and still have apnea and HAVE to sleep with the machine every night. I don’t have a choice. I stop breathing

  30. I am a medical professional currently using a cpap machine. I would like to be one of your beta testers. I could be beneficial in your case studies and comparisons. Please contact me by email if you are interested. This product could be both revolutionizing and life changing if it has a good test group that can correctly doccument the difference. Testing and marketing are so important in product development. Thank you, Rachel Rodriguez

  31. I have used CPAP for many years but would like to try this device. Please let me know when they will be available. I will test if desired.

  32. I have un-diagnosed OSA. I haven’t been through the battery of tests because of the costs involved and I know I wouldn’t wear the CPAP, so at the end of the day, it would be a waste of money. I don’t like anything on my face. However, this would be worth a try. Will a prescription be required?

    • Hi Pam-
      You are one of the estimated 23.5 million people in the United States who have undiagnosed sleep apnea according to a study by the well-known consulting group Frost & Sullivan that was commissioned by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (http://www.aasmnet.org/…/pdf/sleep-apnea-economic-crisis.pdf). We have heard from many people who suspect that they have sleep apnea, but have not been diagnosed by a medical professional because they don’t want to deal with the test and the CPAP machine.

      A prescription will be required to obtain Airing, as is the case with any CPAP machine. This is necessary to confirm that you actually do suffer from sleep apnea, and to determine what is the proper pressure setting for your treatment.

  33. I need to have AIRING CPAP, right now I use RESMED S9, but I have problem when I am traveling, it’s quite heavy and take a space in my luggage.
    Pls inform me where to buy and how much price of AIRING CPAP.

  34. “The Doctor Weighs In”.
    This is a “Doctor” that I wouldn’t trust at all, just another complete idiot out for funding herself with page hits based only on BS.

    Even the photo at the very top of this article was stolen by Marsh, and photoshopped to show the “Airing” device. The actual photo is from ShutterStock.com here:

    Nice actual science, and vetting “Doctor”

  35. This product is a marketing scam. If you donate, you WILL lose all your money. The SEC really needs to investigate folks that do this stuff. Back in the late 1800s, these same folks sold snake oil and other concoctions in travelling wagons designed for speed so they could quickly get out of town . . .

  36. I would like to test this out since I cannot the c pap .I tried for year and just cannot handle all the air blowing up my nose. I keep like I can’t breath.

    • I have to agree that it’s a scam to raise funds. Clinically it makes no sense. I don’t see how you could address lack of a humidifier and the largest issue of the device staying in place unless one was to sleep perfectly still in addition to everything you outlined on your link. I found one site with a price of $279 but was unable to find it again. Then another site that said they were disposable so what did that $279 pay for? They are already quoting the cost after insurance pays. How is that possible when it hasn’t even met FDA approval? Was that $279 a piece? $279 for a years supply since they are disposable? I had my own questions but have had no response. Did they submit it to FDA without any studies, publications or White Papers?? I guess you know how far they will get!

  37. It seems incredibly wasteful to throw it away every day. Is there a way of making it so you just change the battery out? All the plastic garbage on the planet is causing irreversible harm already.

  38. I urge everyone who left a comment here to check out the CPAP that Israeli Doctors and Engineers have developed. Their mini CPAP actually works but they are still trying to find a comfortable way to “anchor” the device. They are using a modified mouthguard but it needs more work. They are way ahead of this mini CPAP idea. And you don’t throw it away every night – what a waste of previous resources that just end up killing our planet. I don’t know about you but that would keep me awake at night even if I am hooked up to my machine. By the way I have suffered Obstructive Sleep Apnea for longer than I can remember, waking up 23 times per hour to restart my breathing. I would be dad without my CPAP but am looking forward to the day that they are easier to sleep with.

    • Hi Andy,
      We are aiming for 2017 for launch of our product. You can follow us on facebook or leave us your email address on our website: fundairing.com to receive updates on our progress. Thanks for your interest in Airing.

  39. If u need a test subject email me and I will do it…I have severe sleep apnea and I can’t do it on the machine…the head piece is just to uncomfortable and I’ve tried almost everything else.

  40. I was wondering the status of this device. I would be very interested in trying it for all the reasons that you listed with current CPAP equipment. Thanks.

  41. Would like to hear comments from a prototype user. Supposedly testing began 6/15/15. If the tests are being conducted it would be beneficial to all to hear comments from the prototype users.

    • Hi Rob,
      Airing began raising money on Indiegogo on 6/15/15 so that they could finance the development of a working prototype. The work is going well and great progress is being made towards that goal. We will enthusiastically share the results of prototype testing as soon as we have a working prototype!

  42. Have used my machines for 14years. Have one at home and one that I take on the road with me. Very cumbersome in the cab of a truck, would be awesome to be on the TEST OUR PRODUCT list as this would really be a enduring consept for the many truckers that I know that rely on their CPAP every night in order to obtain a restful sleep to be alert for their next day. Again willing to try this new consept out for convenience and safety.

  43. My husband needs to try this desperately, his health is suffering from apnea, not to mention our marriage. How long before this is available? Where can more information be obtained?

    • Hi Eva,

      Thanks for reading our article. You can find more information at fundairing.com. Airing is the company that is developing the micro CPAP. I would recommend reaching out to them to find out more.


  44. My concern whether or not this is an effective device, is the plastic and batteries that end up in the landfills. Companies that develop disposal products should have to be accountable for recycling their products.

  45. I’ve read an analysis from a physicist that works with micro blowers and the needed capacity of air for the lungs far outweighs anything possible w a small device this size. So unless they explain the gigantic advance in micro blower technology, this a fundraising fraud.

  46. The Airing device has been designed so as not to require active humidification. The human nose has evolved to filter the air it breathes in through a pathway with tiny hairs and to humidify this pathway with every exhalation. This system works well if the normal tidal volume is exchanged. When excessive air is blown continuously into the nose, the entire pathway can dry out and become quite uncomfortable; this is not natural breathing.

    Traditional CPAP machinery requires a motor and a fan or blower cage to blow large volumes of air down a hose and into a mask or nose pillow. The inertial mass of the motor/fan/blower assembly and the length of hose prevent the rapid (instantaneous) adjustment of the air flow to respond to the actual breathing cycle. BiPAP and APAP systems do have the ability to reduce the total amount of air being pushed at the patient during exhalation, but only to a limited extent.

    The Airing device will have built-in pressure sensing and will be able to adjust the micro-blower output instantaneously. This ability to respond to where a person is in the breathing cycle eliminates the need for excessive air flow. This allows more natural breathing and mitigates or may even eliminate the need for additive active humidification. Passive humidification is possible if desired.

    Regarding your comments about the cost, after insurance reimbursement, the annual cost would be $219, which is quite comparable to the annual amortized cost of the CPAP equipment plus the cost of replacement hoses and masks. And many people value the convenience of not having to clean the mask and hoses and maintain the equipment. If you are one of the people who is able to tolerate your CPAP and use it every night, then that may be the best option for you. Perhaps Airing is an alternative that you would only use when traveling or engaging in outdoor overnight activities. But for many sleep apnea sufferers, Airing represents a treatment that they would actually use. And routine nightly use of CPAP is important because the health risks associated with non-compliance are serious.

  47. You write “The company hopes the Airings will retail for about $3 or $.60 if insurance covers the usual 80%. This translates into an annual price of about $1100, before insurance. This is roughly comparable to the retail price of a mid-range CPAP machine”.

    However, a CPAP does not have an “annual” price. You buy it once and it lasts several years (my first one last 7 years and I have had my new one for 2 years). $1100 per year is very expensive!

    Also, what about people who live in very dry climates that need to humidifier attachment to keep their nostrils from drying out (I find it is also needed in most hotels in the USA – even in humid cities). I don’t see any mention of that option in your article.

  48. I have been using a CPAP for some time now – I find it difficult to get restful sleep without my machine. I’d like to know about the regulation issue – where everyone has different pressure needs! I too would be a willing test subject! No hoses – No bulky machine to travel with – fingers crossed this works!

  49. It seems the most revolutionary invention since CPAP. With CPAP I always have to look for electricity and this seems like it does not depend on any. So if I could become a test subject (assuming this is not a scam as some commenters believe)

  50. As a traditional CPAP user this seems too good to be true. I hope it is a success. However, throwing it away after one use seems wasteful. More stuff for the landfill. Can’t you find a way to make it reuseable? Even one per month would be better than one per day.

  51. My dad uses an APAP machine. He get terrible erosive sores on the bridge of his nose from it. Would this work for an APAP user?

    • We absolutely are built to breathe through our noses. Our noses are our bodies natural humidifiers.
      However, some CPAP users use a full face mask because they CAN’T nose breathe due to nasal polyps, deviated septum’s, chronic sinus problems and/or allergies. I do not see how this device could be utilized with those anatomical obstructions.

      Otherwise, I’m looking forward to it’s FDA approval and the public market debut. We wouldn’t use it every night as we are comfortable with our CPAP’s, but would be great for travel for my husband and myself.

      Note: If your CPAP machine is noisy or if you have mask leaks, or if you wake up with headaches something could either be wrong with your machine or mask. Talk to your Sleep Lab or home care company.

  52. This devica would need an electric motor to function. I am in the electric motor business and a chinese made motor that could reliably drive the fans would cost a minimum of $2.00 FOB China. Adding everything else, there is no possible way that such a product could retail for less than $10.00

    • Airing will use a zinc air battery. Zinc-air is the best choice for the power it provides and, unlike some of the other caustic, more corrosive, battery technologies, the Zinc-air is environmentally benign — basically a common metal (zinc) and ingredients found in soap. And no hoses, cords or masks to deal with, which will mean more people with sleep apnea will actually use their CPAP device.

  53. this looks interesting but i know i have to take my mom in yearly for checks and see if the set pressure is still appropriate or if she needs a new pressure setting prescribed. how would this device be customizable for pressure?

  54. I am very concerned that this is a scam to take money from desperate apnea sufferers. The entire Indiegogo campaign and their main website have zero proof that this concept could even work. The videos just show a cartoon animation and models wearing what is clearly labelled “non-working prototype”.

    How can these micro-blowers generate a directional air flow as opposed to just puffing out the air between the plates to both sides? You would need some kind of a valve. The cartoon shows no such thing. You would also need a heck of a lot of force to blow air past a valve AND to open the wearer’s airway.

    I understand that lots of companies crowdfund when they’re far from having the final product, but these guys don’t even show even a simple proof of concept. Something like a brief video clip of a naked array of “micro-blowers” just blowing at a feather or something to show that it can move air would have been convincing. But there is zero evidence. I call bullshit.

  55. Patricia,

    There is one fundamental issue I can see with this design that was never explained. How can the airflow rate be adjusted? Every cpap needs to be calibrated to meet the requirements of each patient. I did not see any explanation in the video how this micro cpap can be adjusted to meet the airflow rate of the patient.

    • Hi Iorink,
      Good question about how to calibrate Airing. Think of Airing as you would a contact lens…You buy a specific “prescription”. Airings will be available pre-set to the setting ordered by your medical specialist. In addition the nose buds will come in different sizes to accommodate different sized noses.

  56. Would love to try this! I wore my CPAP faithfully for 2 & 1/2 yrs. Now I am trying to get back to using it & can’t seem to get used to it. I can’t sleep w it & give up after a few (2-3hrs). Would love to try this!!!! The size and portability make it VERY desirable, as well

  57. Very interesting. I have terrible sleep apnea. I stop breathing all the time. Not sure this will work for me. My sinuses are stuffed up often but I’d be willing to try it. Count me in for testing.

  58. Woooow, sounds like someone put some thinking to
    Resolve this CPAP Delima a lot of us are facing. There’s a lot of us who hate wearing or using this machine every nite, espl. When we traveler have a romantic night….
    I’ll be the first one to volunteer to test it out. Pls contact me, or pass my info on. Tk you.

  59. Sign Me Up!!! Looks like a great product would love to try one out a lot better then what I have now with the mask and the noise plus it’s not all that sexy when your in the mood with your wife and have to rip off the mask and turn off the machine :)

  60. Nothing has worked for me. I go to bed as late as possible hoping being tired will make me sleep. Works sometimes. I wake myself up not breathing. Would love to be a test subject.

  61. Sounds interesting. For the most part I am comfortable with my mask & hose & my cpap is very quiet but I would try it if the opportunity came up. There has to be a rechargeable battery available which would work.

  62. I am a teacher with undiagnosed
    Sleep apnea. Because I am
    Claustrophobic, I never went to
    Be prescribed the face mask.
    However, this new device appears
    Much more applicable And I would
    Love to try it. So, if there is a
    Need for testers, I would be
    Very willing

  63. I would love to try this out and if the company is looking for Canadian testers, please let them know I would love to be a test patient. I have been on a CPAP machine since 1998 (3rd one to be exact!). I had been looking for other options that are less cumbersome.

  64. I would love to help you test this! I am a CPAP success story and have been using my CPAP for ten years now. I do have issues with it though. The squeal when air escapes wakes my husband. Because my hair is long the straps don’t stay in place very well and I am always having to adjust it during the night. Please let me help you test this. I can’t wait to try it!!

  65. I would love to be able to test this new device. I can’t use the full mask at all. My husband won’t allow me to sleep without being hooked up. He says he can’t sleep at all that he needs to listen to me so when I quit breathing he can wake me up so I’ll start breathing again.

  66. I would like to be a person to try this out if you need people to try it. I can’t sleep with my cpap it is just getting dusty and I do hold my breath when I sleep. Jeanine wysocki

  67. That won’t work for me. The air pressure blows my mouth open and it just shoots out my mouth. Great idea though. Chin straps don’t work for me. I can’t sleep with them on.

  68. I have moderate to severe sleep apnea and would be willing to be a test subject. I have never found the CPAP to be comfortable.

  69. I would love to be a test patient. My husband & I go camping every weekend he’s not working. But he doesn’t sleep well when I’m not using my CPAP. (I do use mine when home) If you do need volunteers, please email or call me. I’m in the phone book. Thanks!


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