Finding the best-suited personal trainer is very much like dating. There’s a lot more joy in choosing the right partner than just going out with a person with the best abs in town.

Remember, just because somebody fits the ‘ideal’ framework of looks does not mean they are going to be a good coach and be able to articulate exactly how to get similar results. Find someone who is passionate about training others to get the right kind of results.

The first step in the journey is to ask your family and friends for potential referrals. If none is available, then it is suggested to research on all the locally renowned fitness facilities and private studios in your area.

When you have finally narrowed down your search, you must ask your coach a series of important questions prior to hiring them. Here is a list of 7 basic ones that can help you avoid a mismatched exercise regime.

1. What is your specialization?

Beyond the basic training certification, you should look for an area of specialty. In the case of wanting to shape up after giving birth, hunt for a post-natal fitness specialist in your locality. Ask them what kind of clients they usually train. For example, a trainer that specializes in weightlifting or hard-core body training might not be well-suited for someone seeking a ballet body.

2. What are your training and certifications?

It goes without saying, proper education and certification is important for a quality experience as well as for staying safe as you get fit. You can always ask your trainers about health and fitness related degrees on a college level.

3. Any recent client successes?

The first step here is to figure out what your goal is. It is important to be clear on whether you want to lose weight or just tone up. Many trainers work with clients the same way they got into shape themselves.

No matter what the individual goal is, these trainers will have their clients practice bodybuilding, cross fit exercises, or whatever that got them to their current level of fitness. Make sure to hire someone who will help you work towards your individual goals and understands your specific body requirements before getting started.

4. Can you put me in touch with former clients?

The importance of talking to former clients or reading their testimonials is immense. Asking your professional coach about their general health philosophy and how they treat their clients will give you a good idea of what it’s like to work out with her before handing over your hard-earned money for the first session.

You can also ask the preceding clientele what they liked or disliked about the trainer, how he or she helped them push through the final rounds, whether the trainer explained the purpose of each exercise and how quickly they started noticing results after some weeks of working out.

5. What is your training personality like?

Make sure to spend time with your potential trainer before starting your workout routine with them. It is important that their personality and workout style appeals to you. After all, you are going to be spending a lot of time with him or her. Some individuals might prefer a hammering sergeant to keep them going, but others may a gentler approach.

6. How should I measure my progress?

In order to decide if a continued investment is worth every penny, be clear with your trainer on how you will measure your progress. For instance, if weight loss is your current goal, then decide between measuring body fat or following the number on the scale. However, if you’re looking forward to improving your upper body strength, get baseline measurements and re-test once you’re a few weeks into the program.

7. How should I prepare for the first session?

Before starting the first session, it is recommended to get a good night’s sleep, consume a protein meal with or without simple carbs for energy. If you are exercising first thing in the morning, you may want to skip eating until after your workout if over.

The basic class is usually a moderate intro of what a regular session might look like. The trainer should take his/her time to get to know your goals, limitations, and current lifestyle.

The most important question of all is to ask yourself if you like the trainer and if she is fulfilling your specific requirements. Hire someone you click with instantly, a person who seems to practice what they preach. Physical fitness can be hard but that does not mean it shouldn’t be enjoyable!


  1. I like that you mentioned that it is definitely within reason to ask about success stories when hiring an online weight loss coaching service. I am quite self-aware about the fact that I don’t tend to easily fall of my diets so I tend to not easily lose weight. Having a professional guide and watch over my progress will probably make me feel a lot more pressured to abide by the recommended food intake that I should have every single day.

  2. I have been thinking about starting exercising, however, to get to my goal I want to hire a personal trainer that can push me to the limits. I like that you recommended asking the potential trainer about getting in touch with former clients so that I can have their own review about how he/she works and the progress they have. I will definitely consider what you said since I am very interested in hiring one.

  3. I hadn’t thought about how someone might have a specific type of training personality and workout style and that that could impact whether you want to work with them or not. My husband has been looking for a personal trainer to help him prepare for his first marathon. I think we should find someone that can keep him motivated using positive energy.


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