6 Simple Standing Desk Tips That Help You Avoid Pain

By Darla Phanklong | Published 5/9/2018 2

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Doing too much of anything can have negative consequences. This is definitely true for those of us who have jobs that require us to stand all day. If you’re wondering, “how long should you stand at a standing desk,” there is no correct answer. But we do know that jobs that require you to stay on your feet for the majority of the day can cause health problems if you’re not careful.

Standing every now and then is good for you. However, spending an entire day upright on the hard floor can work against you. If you have a job that forces you to be on your feet all or if you overdo it with your standing desk, you can develop knee pain, hip pain, heel pain, backaches, and more.

Here are six standing desk tips that can help you avoid the pain

1. Find the right shoes

Good shoes keep your feet cushioned and comfortable and may help prevent plantar fasciitis. The shoes should provide solid support for your feet since you will be on them the most of the day. Many people with jobs that require long hours of standing like to invest in specialty athletic shoes. These types of shoes are designed to protect the feet of athletes who regularly pound the pavement, so they are likely to be a great fit for a long day of walking around and standing.

Before buying any old pair of shoes, it may help you to visit a running store to consult with a professional to help you find a shoe to meet your needs. The wrong choice of shoe will likely make your aches and pains even worse, eventually causing more harm than good. As you search for a shoe, keep in mind that long hours of standing may cause swelling in the feet. This means that any new pair of shoes you buy should have enough room to keep your feet comfortable in the event of swelling.

2. Stretch regularly

There’s a reason athletes stretch before and after any physical activity. Stretching helps keep your muscles and joints flexible, preparing you for the wear and tear of everyday life. Definitely, stretch before you start your working day, but be sure to stretch throughout the work day as well. It may help to search for exercises to do while standing at your desk to keep your body active throughout the day. Whether that means stretching your legs out at your lunch break or simply reaching for your toes at the end of the day, it is important to give your legs and feet a break from the regular standing position.

3. Keep your posture straight

Learning how to stand at a standing desk is all about developing the right posture. A good posture can be difficult to maintain but will help you in the long run. Keep your head up and your shoulders from slouching. Keep adjusting your posture throughout the day to make sure that you are always in the correct position. Additionally, you should walk going heel to toe. This will help keep your hips and spine in line with your shoulders.

4. Make time to sit

While you may have to spend the majority of your hours standing, that doesn’t mean that you should never sit. You should make a conscious effort to find a chair every so often. Take full advantage of any breaks that you might have in order to give your feet and the rest of your body a break.

5. Give Your Feet Extra Attention

When you’re off the clock, be sure to give your feet the right attention. If you have heel pain from standing all day, that means it’s time to splurge for massages, special baths, slippers, and socks to ensure that your feet are properly comforted when you are at home. Try to avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on your body by making time to lay on the couch or sit in a chair.

6. Avoid Unnecessarily Tight Clothing

Tighter clothing like spandex pants and slim-fitting dresses can affect your posture and cause back pain. If you plan to spend an entire day wearing your outfit, it’s best to choose something that is both presentable and comfortable. While tighter options may look better to you, it’s simply not a good choice if it’s putting you in pain.

The bottom line

While we all need to make money, it shouldn’t be at the cost of your health. Make it a point to make to learn how to relieve pain in feet from standing all day by putting these tips into practice at your place of work and your home. By taking care of yourself now you can ensure more healthy years for your future.

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