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Happiness is the greatest wealth one can accumulate. Good health is a vital currency of this fortune. Keeping body and mind in good condition, therefore, becomes imperative if you wish to lead a happy life.

Exercising outdoors in the fresh air is one of the most rejuvenating experiences that you can have. But when weather conditions or other circumstances do not permit, you can always turn to indoor fitness regimes by opting for fitness workouts at home.

The benefits of fitness workouts

First, let’s examine some of the benefits of fitness workouts in general:

  • We are well aware that controlled and monitored body activities help us maintain a healthy weight by burning body fat. It also helps to keep a host of medical problems at bay, like depression, diabetes, arthritis, many kinds of cancer, heart problems, etc.
  • One of the biggest benefits of exercises is that they bring about the “feel-good” factor; which in turn combats stress.
  • The increase in blood circulation due to the physical activities improves appearance, thereby boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • The increase in blood circulation also helps tissues absorb more oxygen and nutrients which in turn boosts the cardiovascular system, leading to more energy and enthusiasm.

Why fitness workouts at home make sense

And now let us explore why fitness workouts at home make a lot of sense:

  • There is no cost of gym membership. Even if you buy gym equipment, it is a one-time cost, whereas gym membership is a recurring expense.
  • Time is another important factor. In fact, time saved is also money saved, since you can utilize that time for other productive work.
  • When you exercise at home, you can choose a time that suits you as you need not worry about the timings for gym opening. This makes it easier to follow your workout routine with greater regularity.
  • You do not have to wait for your turn at the treadmill or workstation during the peak hours which is frequently the case at the gym.
  • The home environment is often cleaner and healthier to do workouts. There is no chance of catching a virus from another sick gym member.
  • Fitness workouts at home give you the privacy to do what you want. The gym routine can be tailored to suit your personal style and body requirement. With no one to watch you at home, you are bound to be more comfortable and relaxed. You can exercise at your own pace as you have only your own self to compete with.
  • When you work out at home, you are likely to be more regular because there are no excuses like traffic, rain, cold, no time etc to skip the gym. Hence there can be more consistency with fitness workouts at home.

Simple no equipment fitness workouts at home

Try out the following simple exercises in the comfort of your home, without the stress of going to the gym or purchasing expensive equipment.

Warm-up exercisesFirst, do a nice warm-up

  • Put on your gym shoes and turn on some music. Start jogging on a treadmill, if you have one, or do it on the spot if you don’t. Start slowly at first and then pick up speed. Thereafter maintain at medium paced jogging for roughly three minutes.
  • Now, take a break for half a minute. Then start again, moving to a fast paced jogging for a duration of one full minute. Take a break for half a minute. Then, repeat the whole process once again.
  • Another effective warm-up can be done by slowly walking around on your heels for one minute. Care has to be taken so that your toes do not touch the ground. Repeat twice after one-minute gaps.

All this can be done while soaking in your favorite music.

Push up exerciseEasy workouts for upper body

For a workout which will help tone down arm fat, as well as the upper body, including shoulders and back, do this exercise:

  • Stand straight, feet together, hands along your body.
  • Now bend slowly, so as to place your palms on the ground. Start moving your hands forward, one step at a time, till you achieve the plank position. Count till five.
  • Now slowly and carefully, do a push-up. Stand up slowly and repeat the whole process once again.


Squat exerciseLower body healthy workout

Squats are also workouts which help lose weight effectively.

  • Try this one standing straight, stretching your body as tall as possible.
  • Then spread your feet about two to two and a half feet apart. Now raise your hands and clasp the fingers of one hand with those of the other behind the neck.
  • Then bend your knees as far down as possible, almost as if you were sitting on a low stool. Count till five and then raise yourself up.
  • Repeat once again.

Lunge exercisesExercise for legs

  • Start by standing with hands by the sides.
  • Then push the right leg forward and lower your body slowly and carefully so that the right knee is at a right angle.
  • Count till five and then slowly and carefully, again raise your body, bringing back the right leg so that you are standing straight like before.
  • Take deep breaths for half a minute. Then repeat, this time using the left leg.

Jumping exercisesJumping for overall good health

Exercises which involve jumping are also very good workouts.

  • Try this standing straight, placing the fingers behind the head. Your elbows should be in such a position that they are parallel to your shoulders.
  • Now start lowering your body in such a manner that the knees are bent and hips are pushed back. Continue lowering your body so that your upper thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Count till five. Now jump high.
  • Once you have landed without losing balance, repeat the whole exercise once again, after a gap of half a minute.

It goes without saying that if you are a beginner doing this the very first time, you may experience body aches for the first few days. It’s important that you don’t let this lead you to skip a routine. Once your body gets used to these rigors you will start feeling sprightly and you will love the new well-toned look of your body.


  1. Do you have any advice on jump ropes and jump roping as an at-home exercise? I am trying to figure out if I should use a speed rope, weighted rope, or if there are other options along with some workout routines.


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