Ellen Derrico, Qlik and customer Orlando Agrippa of NHS interviewed by Pat Salber MD at #HimSS14

by Patricia Salber

Watch this fun #HiMSS14 video interview (filmed in Orlando, Florida) of Ellen Derrico, Global Market Development Director for Life Sciences and Health Care, Qlik (you know the company is big when they have those types of titles) by Pat Salber, MD, Host of The Doctor Weighs In.

Joining Ellen is Qlik customer, Orlando Agrippa, CIO of Barts Health NHS Trust in the UK, a self-described “massive advocate” for the Qlik software having deployed it across ~160 hospitals in the NHS in the UK.

In this video, Ellen tells us that the software has been voted “The Best in Class BI Software” by their customers and that Qlik beat out Goliath’s of the space (SAP, Oracle, IBM, Cognos, and others). Orlando (whom we call “Orlando in Orlando”) agrees.

This is a very fun interview that helps to tell the Qlik story. Enjoy.

Video edited by Gloria Cho



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