By Dr. Bonnie Feldman

First Posted at her blog on 6/25/2012

Bonnie Feldman, D.D.S., M.B.A., Principal of Feldman Stakeholder Relations

Obesity was recently classified as a disease by the American Medical Association. Ranking 5th in global obesity, over 30% of the US adult population is considered obese.  Everyone knows the traditional pyramid of nutrition, but new studies show that an individual’s genome may play a role in body type and individual nutritional needs.

What is Nutritional Genomics

Nutritional Genomics is a field at the intersection of nutrition and genomics, examining the impact nutrition has on genes, and the impact that genes have on nutrition.  Not only can different nutrients in different foods have an impact on gene expression, but also your body’s response to certain foods depends on your genotype.  Nutritional Genomics focuses on the specific nutrition an individual needs based on their genome.