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Representation of Normal, Overweight, and Obese

Can Obesity Cause Memory Loss?

July 21, 2015


A study found that people defined as obese had lost brain tissue.

For-Profit Diet Clinics Turn Fat into Money

For-Profit Diet Clinics Turn Fat into Money

July 5, 2015


The boom in for-profit diet clinics fueled by insurance reimbursement proves that when it comes to healthcare no good turn goes unexploited.

Your Gut Bacteria and You

Your Gut Bacteria and You

June 15, 2015


What could be the mechanism of such a profound weight-change by gut bacteria?

Tom Emerick, Host of Cracking Health Costs

Obesity Both Increases and Decreases Risk of Dementia. Say What?

April 10, 2015

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Yes, you read the headline right. It just depends on which obesity study you look at.

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD, the perplexee

The Inside Scoop on Fiber and Poop

March 30, 2015


First, what is fiber? Dietary fiber consists of complex carbohydrates that are contained in plants that the body is unable to digest. Dietary fiber is classified as either soluble fiber or insoluble fiber…

Paul Levy, Host of (Not) Running a Hospital

McDonald’s in the lobby of children’s hospitals?

January 19, 2015


One of the things I enjoy about Australians is the tendency for straight talk, but I wonder if the Premier of Victoria will come to have second thoughts about a recent comment concerning the availability of fast food in the state’s children’s hospitals.

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD, author of The Doctor Weighs In on Everything

The Fat/Carbohydrate Conundrum: Even More Confusion?

September 7, 2014


A major study showed that a low carbohydrate/ high fat diet is best for weight loss and cardiac health.

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New Diet Studies, or How Fads are Born

July 27, 2014

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The interaction of diet and health is immensely difficult to unravel. Flawed studies don’t help. But like the free radical theory of disease and longevity, when the public wants an easy answer, they acquire a life of their own and become dogma.

Paul Levy, Host of (Not) Running a Hospital

“Good” news: It’s not just people

April 9, 2014


The UK Sunday Telegraph reported this week: “The waistlines of Britain’s pets have expanded to ever greater dimensions, with a new report revealing that almost half of cats and dogs are now regarded by vets as obese.”

Dr. Jaan Sidorov, host of Disease Management Care Blog

Obesity Surgery in Diabetes Mellitus: A Three Year Trial Shows High “Cure Rates.” The Implications for Population Health

April 5, 2014

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In case there is any doubt about the long-term efficacy of obesity surgery for diabetes, check out this three year study that was just published by the New England Journal of Medicine.