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Psychiatry Embraces Digital Health

Psychiatry Embraces Digital Health

June 2, 2015


This year’s American Psychiatric Association’s 2015 annual meeting in Toronto featured a greater presence and enthusiasm for wearables and digital technology than in any prior year demonstrating that psychiatry embraces digital health.

Patient Engagement: Overused Sound Bite or Transformative Opportunity?

Patient Engagement: Overused Sound Bite or Transformative Opportunity?

April 2, 2015


Criteria for Stage 3 of meaningful use of EHRs were released recently and there is lots of controversy, as would have been predicted. One set of recommendations that is raising eyebrows is around patient engagement.

Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, Director, Center for Connected Health, Partners HealthCare

More Sign Posts on the Road To Connected Health Adoption

March 27, 2015


But, think for a minute like an executive. You have information coming at you in an avalanche. You are used to reading headlines and instinctively sensing trends. If you read the headlines and didn’t think too hard about it, you’d have to conclude, “This is a big deal. We’d better get on the stick.” Next thing you know, that organization is scrambling to quickly develop a strategy for mobile health and patient engagement.

Dr. Jaan Sidorov, host of Disease Management Care Blog

The Iron Triangle of mHealth Apps Due Diligence: What CEOs and Boards Need to Know

March 7, 2015


Old fashioned management experts will recognize the concept. They know that any project involves trade-offs between cost, quality and access. Improve any single dimension and the other two will suffer. Improving two means having to compromise on the third. In other words, there are inevitable trade-offs.

The Wow of Wearables

The Wow of Wearables

February 21, 2015


I’d have to say that reports of the death of wearables have been greatly exaggerated. The power of sensor-generated data in personal health and chronic illness management is simply too powerful to ignore.

Jaan Sidorov is the Population Health Blog

mHealth Apps to Monitor Recently Discharged Patients

February 17, 2015


Are app-empowered patients less likely to use the emergency room? Do they have a higher survival rate? Do they have higher levels of satisfaction?

Jen-Hyatt-CEO-Founder-Big-White-Wall Hyatt, CEO & Founder of the Big White Wall

Improving Mental Health via the Big White Wall

January 31, 2015


Big White Wall boosts access to mental healthcare-allowing people to post thoughts anonymously, access peer & counselor support & learn from clinically-valid programs

Dr. Jaan Sidorov, host of Disease Management Care Blog

Could mHealth Apps Be a Reprise of the EHR? The Need for Clinician Input

January 22, 2015


While the Population Health Blog continues to delight in the emerging science of “mHealth” as a newly minted start-up Chief Medical Officer, it ran across this interesting article on risk and patient safety. Authors Thomas Lewis and Jeremy Wyatt worry that “apps” can lead to patient harm.

(from Detroit Free Press)

Putting the Public Back in Public Health

January 20, 2015


HealthMap aggregates data from disparate sources, including reports submitted by individuals, to create a global interactive map of infectious disease.

Pat Salber & Harry Reynolds at mHealth Summit 2014

Harry Reynolds, IBM: What Makes a Good Healthcare App?

January 18, 2015


Per Harry Reynolds of IBM, a good healthcare app treats me as me and not just as a patient or member of a health insurance plan.