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Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Healthcare of the People, By the People, For the People

March 9, 2015


On the night of Friday March 7, 2015, I started my weekend stint as a judge at the Philips HealthSuite Hackathon and I was asked to say a few words on stage at the beginning of the program. For a variety of reasons, it was this quote and concept above that came to my mind at the time and here’s why: the healthcare industry is going through its own civil war right now.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Wait?! Is This Vegas or Venture Capital?

September 17, 2014


While in Las Vegas this time, it came to Lisa Suennen, former VC, exactly how similar craps is to investing in the venture capital.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Happiness is a Warm Puppy and a More Productive Employee

April 20, 2014


Workplace wellness programs have not accomplished what employers hope for, perhaps it is time to roll out workplace happiness programs instead.

Women in Healthcare and Leadership:  The XX in Health Retreat

Women in Healthcare and Leadership: The XX in Health Retreat

March 28, 2014


The 5th XX in Health Retreat in Sausalito, California, featured women leaders from across the industry sharing their personal stories about leadership.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

People Who Need People: A CES Follow Up Report

January 12, 2014


Ironic, isn’t it, to think that people would gather in Las Vegas for anything health-related, but yet there we all were, the digital health cabal, talking sensors and wearables and the Internet of Things that nobody is quite sure they want or need yet.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

CES, Sensors & the Best Health App Ever

January 3, 2014


On January 7th I am heading to the International Computer Electronics Show (CES), one of the largest conferences in the world focused on all of the technologies we are not supposed to use while driving or in a dark movie theater or if we want to have a social life that expands beyond our cat.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Medical Devices: What Those Paying Are Saying

December 24, 2013


I’m going to cheat a little today and reprint an article by Mary Stuart which was published in the December issue of In Vivo: The Business & Medicine Report. The article is essentially the slightly edited transcript of a panel I moderated recently at the IN3 Medical Device 360 Conference held in San Francisco.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Best Breakthrough Since Sliced Bread, or At Least Since the Wheel

December 9, 2013


I picked up The Atlantic November 2013 issue to read “The 50 Greatest Inventions Since the Wheel.” While these kind of sweeping generalization lists are always subjective, this particular list was compiled through a voting process that included a panel of 12 renowned scientists, engineers, technology historians, and entrepreneurs.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Business Lessons from a Child’s Bookshelf

November 18, 2013


Perhaps because I have a sales/marketing/product background, or perhaps because sales/marketing/product development are such a focus of conversation when you hang around with entrepreneurs, I am often asked what business book I would most recommend on these topics.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Wanted: An Easy Button for Healthcare

October 14, 2013


We in the healthcare field are notorious for making things complicated and, if we had people who made us cute little buttons, ours would probably have a picture of Rube Goldberg and the slogan, “Really, that’s how we’re going to do this?”