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Infographic:  Recent Trends in Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Infographic: Recent Trends in Employer-Sponsored Insurance

November 11, 2014


Health policy:

This Visualizing Health Policy infographic takes a look at recent trends in employer-sponsored insurance, including average premium increases for workers with family coverage, the average yearly cost of premiums for single and family coverage and how those costs have increased in the past decade, along with the prevalence of health promotion programs (such as wellness programs) offered by large firms.

David Harlow, host of HealthBlawg

mHealth Fitness Trackers Have a Long Way to Go

October 3, 2014


Health IT:

A report on a survey regarding wearable fitness trackers arrived in the HealthBlawger’s mailbox this week. An interesting dose of reality, after spending a few days in Silicon Valley recently with a cadre of early adopters.

Pat Salber, MD, MBA, Host of The Doctor Weighs In

The Early Results are In: Obamacare and the Uninsured

September 1, 2014


Health policy, Salber:

Good news on Obamacare: Uninsured numbers drop – Good news for those of us who favor government-facilitated health insurance coverage.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Deaths of the Unfit Outnumber Survival of the Fittest

August 23, 2014


Entrepreneurs, INDUSTRY, Suennen:

Lisa Suennes, “The Venture Valkyrie” uses Darwin’s theory of Survival of the Fittest to explain business failures

David Harlow, host of HealthBlawg

Solving Sovaldi: David Harlow Talks Value-Based Payment with Cyndy Nayer

August 9, 2014


Health policy:

I had the opportunity to speak with Cyndy Nayer, of the Center of Health Engagement, about the issues surrounding this drug and its use, value-based approaches to payment, and the question of whether we are able to solve this problem in our current environment at all.

Bob Laszewski, Host of Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review

Obamacare: What About the Working Class and the Middle Class?

June 22, 2014


Health policy:

The administration issued a report yesterday that says individuals who selected plans in the federal health insurance exchanges have a post-credit premium that is on average 76% less than the full premium for the plans they selected.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Stuck in the Middle with You: A Report from the Health Evolution Partners Summit

May 8, 2014


Health IT:

The group of people attending this year’s Health Evolution Partners Summit know everything there is to know about how we got into such a healthcare system mess (because they helped create it) and what has got to be tackled to fix it (even if not how to do that exactly)… it is quite a conundrum.

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Happiness is a Warm Puppy and a More Productive Employee

April 20, 2014


Health policy, Health policy 2, INSURANCE, Suennen:

Workplace wellness programs have not accomplished what employers hope for, perhaps it is time to roll out workplace happiness programs instead.

Kenny Lin, MD, The Common Sense Family Doctor

Health insurance is not health care

April 16, 2014



“Health insurance is a financial mechanism for paying for health care. It is not the care itself, or even a guarantee of that care.”

Lisa Suennen - the Venture Valkyrie

Big Data Comes to Life As CMS Releases Medicare Claims Bonanza

April 14, 2014

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Health IT, Health policy, Suennen:

Transparency of healthcare pricing is a hot topic and it just got hotter. On April 9th, 2014 CMS released Medicare provider-specific payment data for the first time and the Internet is en fuego.