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Has Medicine Lost its Soul?

Has Medicine Lost its Soul?

July 12, 2015


Dov Michaeli MD, Phd, recalls the lessons of a revered professor of medicine and wonders: has medicine lost its soul?

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Why We Make Irrational Decisions

June 28, 2015


Some of our decisions on the societal level are so irrational that you might wonder if natural selection fell asleep at the switch.

Killer Abs at 80? Really!

Killer Abs at 80? Really!

June 23, 2015


What does it take to have rock hard abs at 80? Dov Michaeli shares his secrets to attaining a hard body and strong mind in the 8th decade of life.

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Coffee: Your Passport to Health and Longevity

June 13, 2015


My own favorite is the coffee bean (it is actually a seed). One reason is that the origin of the plant, Coffea arabica is southern Arabia, and its brewed extract was used in religious ceremonies by pre-Islamic Bedouin tribes in the region.

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Is Dark Chocolate Good for You?

April 7, 2015


Dr. Dov Michaeli explores the science behind the claims that dark chocolate is good for you. A flavanol in chocolate, epicatechin turns out to be the key.

Walking in the Water – The Milford Track

Walking in the Water – The Milford Track

January 4, 2015


Ask any hiker and he or she will tell you it is a dream to one day hike the “hut-to-hut” Milford Track in New Zealand’s wildly scenic South Island. So, this is what Dov and I decided to do for our annual End of the Year Adventure.

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD, author of The Doctor Weighs In on Everything

Why Do We Die? And What Can Be Done About It?

September 28, 2014


Dr. Dov Michaeli explores the answers to the questions: why do we die? and can anything be done about it?

Dov Michaeli MD, PhD is author of The Doctor Weighs In (On Everything)

Can Critical Thinking be Taught?

October 30, 2013

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When reporters ask “is it good or bad?” to force a simple answer to a complex question, it reinforces our natural tendency to form come to easy conclusions instead of applying critical thinking. It may conserve the brains energy, but the outcomes are not always what we might hope for.

Kenneth Branagh as Macbeth

Vaulting Ambition

October 27, 2013


By Dov Michaeli Just walked out of a spectacular performance of Macbeth by the National Theater of London, with the title role played (and co-directed)… Read More ›

Crime and Punishment -It’s all in the Brain

Crime and Punishment -It’s all in the Brain

October 20, 2013

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Studies suggest that the right lateral prefrontal cortex (rLPFC) is involved in following social norms and in the urge to punish violators. But “involved” still doesn’t tell us what exactly is happening in this area: Is it the cause of fair behavior?