In healthcare today, it is the stories we share–

  • …a save by a young resident physician
  • …the bravery of a young father to face countless experimental cancer treatments to spend one more Thanksgiving with his kids
  • …the strength of young mothers who repeatedly share their stories of loss to protect the children of others, or
  • …the ability of new technology to detect illness in time to preserve a life…

that move us to action–slowly in some instances, more quickly in others. More and more, research is showing that stories designed with classic story structure have the power to move mountains–and us–by altering brain chemistry, and as a result, behavior. The following short video is a narrative version of such research, told by lead investigator and neuroeconomist, Paul Zak. What will you do with the empathy our healthcare stories evoke? Will you act on what you feel in 2014?

First posted at Educate the Young on 12/31/2013.