Patricia Salber

Patricia Salber, MD, Host of TDWI and CEO, Health Tech Hatch

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA is the founder and host of The Doctor Weighs In.  She is a board certified internist and emergency physician who loves to write about fat, fitness, diabetes, and weight loss (and other stuff).  She has worked as a physician executive for a variety of health care organizations (health insurance companies, medical groups, large employers).  She has published on a variety of topics in both peer-reviewed journals and trade publications.  Her book, The Physician’s Guide to Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, was one of the first books on the topic written specifically for health care professionals.  She is currently Prinipal at Zia Healthcare Consultants, a consultancy focused on helping organizations get ready for the post-health care reform world with a special emphasis on population health improvement.  She is also founder and CEO of, a crowdfunding and concept co-design platform.