Nursing the Economy? [Infographic]


Brown Mackie College - Retiring Nurses Create Hiring Opportunities

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  1. Not true. My daughter (with a masters in public health) went back to shool to become a nurse. None of the (many) hospitals she applied to would not hire a new grad.
    My hospital has had a freeze on hiring. There is going to be a heavy financial strain on hospitals with Obamacare, they won’t be able to hire nurses to keep up with the demand.
    All of the hospitals within a 15 mile radius of mine have laid off nurses. Some with years of experience.
    We are expected to do more and more with less and less. Pts are sicker, the govenment is reimbursing for less and less, so we all suffer.
    And I’ve got news for you. Doctor’s offices are hiring CNAs instead nurses because it is less expensive for them.
    There are many of us who will not retire because of the uncertainty of what the future may hold.