High Quality, Low Cost HealthCare Video Interview Series: John Holland Talks Patient Telemonitoring at AMC Health


by Joan Justice, Senior Editor, HealthWorks Collective

First posted on HealthWorks Collective on 02/19/2013

Last week, Dr Oliver Kharraz talked about finding doctors and getting appointments online at ZocDoc.  Today, John Holland, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Research at AMC Health, talks about patient telemonitoring.  AMC Health’s remote patient monitoring systems are used in chronic disease care, post-discharge programs and recently won FDA approval to be used in a clinical study.  Studies have shown remote patient monitoring to increase quality of care and reduce costs.  Indeed, telehealth [telemonitoring, telemedicine] seems like a “no-brainer” to me, increasing healthcare quality and efficiency while reducing costs.

And now, watch the video:

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