High Quality, Low Cost HealthCare Video Interview Series: Gary Rost Talks Value-Based Purchasing


By Joan Justice

First Posted at HealthWorks Collective on 4/23/2013

Joan Justice, Moderator, HealthWorks Collective
Joan Justice, Moderator, HealthWorks Collective

Previously, Kevin Palattao talked about HealthPartners and Virtuwell.  Today, Gary Rost is here with me to talk about the Savannah Business Group and value-based purchasing.  SBG is a business coalition that group purchases healthcare services for self-funded employers.  They negotiate rates, services, and access with medical service providers on behalf of the members of the coalition.

Compared to Kaiser Family Foundation’s reported national average of $415 per month, one of SBG’s largest members has monthly plan medical costs of just $217.

SBG is dedicated to maintaining high quality of care while reducing costs.  Here is a shot of the main page on their website:

healthcare pricing

Gary Rost is the executive director of Savannah Business Group and has led the group for 20 years.  I first read about SBG in a post by Brian Klepper and was interested in interviewing him for this series.  Listen to what Gary has to say about Savannah Business Group and its vision for value-based healthcare.


To see other videos in this series, please go to this page.  And if you have a story to tell that can reduce healthcare costs and raise quality of care, please comment below or email me at joan@socialmediatoday.com  Thanks!