Dr. Pat Salber @docweighsin and CEO of @HealthTechHatch spoke with Bryan Sivak, CTO and ‘entrepreneur-in-residence’ at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on day 2 of the Health Datapalooza IV in Washington, DC.

Bryan had some very big shoes to fill given his predecessor’s presence, style and robust representation of the ‘data liberacion’ or liquidity movement. Since assuming the CTO position in July 2012 Bryan has been somewhat less visible perhaps even ‘quieter’ on the conference circuit (at least in the opinion of this one conference junkie). So when he stepped into the limelight as co-chair of Health Datapalooza IV right from the beginning his presence and command of the conference agenda was natural, seamless and confident both in terms of style and substance.

In this interview, Pat Salber gets Bryan’s take on the conference, his highlights, the industry and projections five years out as well as his role as ‘entrepreneur-in-residence’ at HHS.

For an audio summary checkout ‘Datapalooza: A Concept, A Conference And A Movement‘ via @NPR.