Community, Platforms and Data: How to Engage Patients Using Data, Social Media and Games


by Bonnie Feldman

First posted on Dr. Bonnie 360 11/5/2013

Presented @ StrataRx Conference 2013 


  1. No matter what app you have, it still depends on the PCP. I think that I have a good one now. e.g. I had strep from May to October-the hospitalist released me without antibiotics. I kept telling them that I need a script. Then I had a hard time getting someone to run a strep test. It was hot, but the antibiotic wasn’t strong enough. October I got a new PCP, he ran a strep test-it was positive again. I kept changing tooth brushes, washed my glasses. I’m finally over it- I’m one of those that doesn’t have the temp rise.
    It cost at least $10,000+ for a $200 problem. I see the urologist next week. It just made me so tired and my body so weak-I’m 71.