Check out this cool infographic from the Commonwealth Fund showing survey results to date from the first open enrollment period of Obamacare.  Hey guys, guess what – people like having health insurance (duh!)

Here’s a summary:

  • The uninsured rate for people ages 19 to 64 declined from 20 percent in the July-to-September 2013 period to 15 percent in the April-to-June 2014 period.
  • An estimated 9.5 million fewer adults were uninsured.
  • Young men and women drove a large part of the decline: the uninsured rate for 19-to-34-year-olds declined from 28 percent to 18 percent, with an estimated 5.7 million fewer young adults uninsured.
  • By June, 60 percent of adults with new coverage through the marketplaces or Medicaid reported they had visited a doctor or hospital or filled a prescription; of these, 62 percent said they could not have accessed or afforded this care previously.

Even more interesting is what people think about their new coverage:

  • 81% of people surveyed are very or somewhat optimistic the new coverage will improve their ability to get the healthcare they need (86% for Medicaid members, 75% for those with private plans).
  • 58% say they are better off now than before getting their new plan, 27% reported no effect (they may not have used it yet), and 9% said they were worse off
  • 78% said they are very or somewhat satisfied with their new coverage (that was 85% for Democrats and surprise! surprise! 74% for Republicans

Here’s the infographic:

Commonwealth Fund Obamacare Infographic
From Commonwealth Fund Survey published 7/10/14