Choosing Wisely list of dubious procedures


by Thomas Emerick

via Cracking Health Costs on 8/6/2013

Tom Emerick, Host of Cracking Health Costs
Tom Emerick, Host of Cracking Health Costs

According to the Choosing Wisely web site, “Choosing Wisely® aims to promote conversations between physicians and patients by helping patients choose care that is:

  • Supported by evidence
  • Not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received
  • Free from harm
  • Truly necessary”

That is a terrific goal, one readers of CHC will appreciate. The Choosing Wisely web site shows a list of dubious or questionable procedures. Click here to see the list which was developed by Consumer Reports in collaboration with numerous medical societies.  It’s very impressive and reflects the growing sentiment among ethical providers that something needs to be done about over-treating and over-testing.

That Choosing Wisely exist and is growing in influence, gives me some optimism.